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Designs for Your Dream Home

A home is a dream to be achieved for many. It represents security and pride to have an own roof over one’s head. The most challenging task is to choose the right design, materials, location, etc.

Being a homeowner is a cultural icon in Australia. It is an integral part of the “Australian Dream”.

image - Designs for Your Dream Home
Designs for Your Dream Home

Here are a few home design options for you to consider.

1. Modern

Modern is an umbrella term that encompasses 20th-century art, architecture, and thinking. In architecture, it refers to a structure with clean cuts, crisp lines, a non-complicated color palette, etc.

It makes a lot of use of materials like glass, metal, and steel to accentuate the edgy effect.

This aesthetic approach can be incorporated into a variety of home models. For example, granny flat designs are available in modern styles that make them stand out from the traditional ones.

This revamping of old forms and styles is a distinctive characteristic of modernism.

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2. Minimalism

The minimalist trend is gaining traction with the conversation around less wastage and the importance of conservation. It adopts modern thinking and takes it a step further, and simplifies it.

Australia is a huge fan of vegan and other eco-friendly practices, so minimalist architecture is famous.

The colors are neutral, and the motto is to keep things simple. There is no use for extravagant accessories or opulent decor.

From furnishings to design, the minimalist principle is applied. Functionality and clean aesthetics are the guiding light of minimalism.

3. Traditional

Traditional refers to a by-gone era- their style, appeal, and manners. Traditional architecture is characterized by elaborate furnishings and accessorizing. European sensibilities are at the root of this notion.

Woodwork is an indispensable part of traditional homes. Wooden paneling, wooden furniture are all usual features. Elaborate, ornate detailings highlight the furnishings.

Silk, velvet, and other rich fabrics decorate them. Layering and depth are two more noticeable features.

4. Coastal Style

The Hamptons style granny flat design is an example of this style. It is named after the renowned beachside in the US. The features are light pastel tones, sufficient ventilation, and plenty of colors, green and blue.

The attempt is to emulate a beachside and give the owners a feel of the beach at home. The furnishings and decorations often resemble sea-inspired things.

White and blues are the two most commonly used colors to give a light, airy feel. The objective is to provide a tranquil space that resembles a sea-side.

5. Bohemian

It is a famous style applicable to both fashion and home design. It is a reflection of an easy-going lifestyle with no rules. Similarly, bohemian designs have no strict rules in terms of design or furnishings.

They contain elements from anywhere and inspired by everything. It is a cornucopia of influences, cultures, fabrics, and styles.

Everything is allowed as long as you love it, is the principle followed while designing a bohemian-inspired house.

6. Rustic

Rustic stands to mean close to nature. It is using raw and unfinished elements and gives them a space in your home. This attitude shows itself in wooden furnishings and stone houses.

The philosophy embraced is to be in harmony with nature. So, the elements should appear to be in the elemental forms as they appear in nature.


A home is truly where the heart is. As cliche as that sounds, it represents the essence of what one should strive for while building your dream house. Aim for something that you will love and cherish.