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The Different Types of Deer Fences for Your Property

At least 56% of American farmers have reported crop damage due to deer. Between weather and wildlife, farmers across the U.S. lose billions of dollars each year due to crop damage.

Even if you’re not a farmer, deer can still damage your property. If you live in the country, it’s not unusual for deer to make a meal out of your flowers and bushes.

image - The Different Types of Deer Fences for Your Property
The Different Types of Deer Fences for Your Property

Luckily, deer fences offer a humane solution. They help keep deer away from your property without causing harm.

Read on to learn about the different types of deer fences you can use to protect your property.

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Wire Deer Fences

For many years, the most popular metal wire fencing was the most popular solution. It’s affordable and simple to install since you attach it to vertical fence posts. But, over time this fencing can rust and come apart which can actually hurt a deer.

That’s why it’s better to choose the PVC coated type if you want to use metal fencing. The coating will keep it from rusting and makes it resistant to chewing animals. It can last up to 30 years.

There are three styles of wire fencing: hex web, welded wire, and fixed knot. Hex web has a hexagonal pattern that’s almost invisible from a distance. Welded wire and fixed knot both have a square pattern.

Polypropylene Mesh Fencing

Polypropylene is a type of plastic which is why this fence material is also called plastic or poly mesh fencing. Polypropylene fencing has a square pattern like welded wire fencing, but it’s made of plastic. It comes in black so it won’t distract from your garden or property.

Compared to metal fencing, this material is more affordable and easier to work with. That’s what makes it a good choice for a DIY deer fence. All you need to do is install the vertical fence posts and attach the mesh.

The downside of plastic fencing is that deer can chew and tear through it. But, with the right conditions, it can last up to 15 years. To make it last even longer, look for a grade of polypropylene material that has a high breaking load.

Wooden Privacy Fencing

Another way to keep deer out of your yard is to use wooden privacy fencing. These fences are more expensive, but they can double as normal fencing around your yard.

While deer fences generally need to be 8 feet tall, you can opt for a shorter wooden fence. If a deer can’t see through the fence, they’ll avoid the area altogether. They can’t spot predators on the other side so they won’t try to jump the fence.

Chain Link Fencing

You can also use standard chain link fencing to keep deer away from your property. It can be a good option if you have pets or young kids.

Since you’ll need deeper post holes to support the fence, this is more expensive than the other deer fence options. You’ll also need to make sure it’s 8 feet tall.

Install a Fence to Deter Deer from Your Yard

Deer fencing can protect your property and garden from deer. With the right fencing material, you won’t have to worry about deer eating your plants or getting hurt in your fence.

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