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Smart Tricks and Tips to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard and Garden Space

Not everyone is aware of the basic gardening tactics and nuances! Usually, the first time, homeowners who don’t have much idea about gardening often don’t know how to keep deer away from their garden space. And this automatically leads to chewed fruits and unkempt garden spaces.

image - Smart Tricks and Tips to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard and Garden Space
Smart Tricks and Tips to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard and Garden Space

Deer is smarter than one can imagine! It can destroy a decorative tree and shrubs. That is not all! Deer can also cause Lyme disease, which affects both pets and people.

It is necessary to opt-in for ways that will limit deer from your yard and garden space. The following tips can work better:

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  1. Reduce the Deer Attractants

Do you have a garden filled with fruit trees and a vegetable garden? If yes, then chances are the deer will get the taste of something tasty.

Hence, it is essential to find ways to tackle the smell or guard the space with walls and boundaries that will prevent the deer from trespassing. Minimizing deer attractants is a smart call.

  1. Make Use of the Correct Fences

One of the smart ways is fencing out deer using the advanced deer fences. It has a permanent impact and helps you in the long run. Just in case a deer near to your garden space is drawn in by the fragrance of the post, it will try to touch it.

The moment it does, there’s a shock that the deer gets, and that will prevent it from trying to scatter or approach the concerned garden and yard space. These fences are wireless and have strong currents that work in your favor without harming the deer.

  1. Plant the Deer Attracting Plants Near the Residence

It is an essential tip to follow, mostly during the spring season. It is the time when mother deer moves out to get food for the fawns. And this makes them walk through the yards and search for tasty food that is replete in nutrients and proteins.

The deer particularly gets attracted to lettuce and pea. Deer mostly enjoys the sweet taste of the peaches and strawberries. When left open, deer can also eat away from pansies and other flowers.

Hence, the best way out is to plant these flowers and vegetables near to your house, so that it’s visible from your window. Deer is mostly hesitant to come near a human dwelling.

  1. Effectively Maintain the Landscape

It is essential to ensure that your garden and yard is not a prime spot for a deer to get its food! And there are ways to go about it. You can trim the densely planted regions so that it looks less appealing to deer.

Usually, deer look for areas that provide a faster cover for the predators. Hence, the moment you do away with this cover, you can ensure that they stay away from your garden space.

That aside, there are specific sprays that neutralize the attractive smell of the trees, fruits, and plants in your garden. You can check the tips and decide which one is easy for you. However, having specialized deer repellent fences is a smart call. You can use the others as add-on security.

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