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5 Different Ways to Unclog A Drain

Clogged drains, sinks, and showers are not a new problem in every home. And, they could be frustrating too.

That is why some plumbing skills are essential. While calling your plumber is the best thing to do, what if it is on holiday and he is on vacation?

image - 5 Different Ways to Unclog A Drain
5 Different Ways to Unclog A Drain

Or, it is just a small problem that could be sorted with a plunger? Well, you also need to have some basic plumbing tools like plungers to perform these DIY tasks.

If you are having blocked drains Geelong, here are five steps to the solution;

Hot Water

This is the most basic and traditional way that also works pretty fast and pretty well too.

If soap and fat are the only roots to the blocking problem, then this does the trick pretty well.

All you need to do is pour boiling hot water repeatedly until the sink unclogs.

However, note that this is only for minor clogs caused by simple enzymes that can be easily flushed out by hot water.

You might need to try other ways if the clog is serious.

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Take Out the Strainer

First and foremost, twist off the strainer to take it out. Once you remove it, clean it, thoroughly.

More often than not it is hair twisted around the strainer. It could also be other materials that couldn’t go through.

Once it is clean, replace the strainers and run hot water.

Use the Plunger

If the first method didn’t work, it is time to take out your life-saving tool; the plunger.

If there isn’t already a pool in the blocked sink, pour a couple of inches, and prepare your plunger.

You can apply petroleum jelly around the rim for a tighter grip. Place it on the drain and pull and push up and down for a minute or two.

Run some hot water to see if the sink is unblocked. That should do the trick. If not, repeat the process again a couple of times.

Also, keep running hot water to remove any remaining particles that may cause clogging again.

Bring Out the Chemicals

Hydrochloric compound, also acidic soda, is also an effective compound that does the trick.

And, you can purchase it in just about any hardware shop so it is easily available.

And the process is also simple; all you need to do is dump a few scoops onto the drain, allow for at least 20 to 30 minutes (as per the instructions), and run cold water.

Unlike the other methods, hot water is not recommended immediately. This is because it might just spray right back on your face.

Make sure to have your gear on, a face mask and gloves, while practicing this method.

Get A Plumber

This is the safest, fastest, and the best way to go about your plumbing problems in the house.

If the above-discussed remedies did not work, it is clearly a sign that it is time to call your plumber. Here are some tips to find the best one;

  • The first thing you obviously want to make sure your plumber has is proper licensing and insurance. This just shows that they are qualified and permitted to work in your state. If a license is not a requirement in your state, then just check out if they have any past formal complaints issued against them.
  • You also want to make sure they have business experience and expertise. Check out how long they have been in the industry and especially what field of plumbing they specialize in, if necessary. While it may seem like not a big deal, keep in mind the more experience, the better the job is done.
  • Consider references and reviews. A quality plumber has a name for themselves already. You can ask for recommendations from your close beloved ones, or read online reviews. Find out what other people are saying about the plumber before hiring them.

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