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5 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips You Can Try at Home

Carpets are hard to clean there is no denying that and no matter what people might say cleaning a carpet by yourself is no piece of cake.

This is why so many people end up hiring carpet cleaning services which usually costs a lot and puts a huge dent in your monthly budget.

image - 5 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips You Can Try at Home
5 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips You Can Try at Home

But the good news is, you can clean your rugs, carpets, and upholstery furniture by yourself using common items and in this article, we will tell you how.

If you read this article till the end, you will be able to clean stains, debris, and other harmful elements from your carpets while maintaining their beauty and aesthetics.

So, stay with us till the end to find out easy and homemade solutions for your carpet cleaning to save both your time and energy.

1. Sprinkle Salt and Baking Powder

Both these things are easily available in your house, and they work wonders when it comes to removing stains and wine spots from your carpets.

Baking powder along with vinegar is poured on the spot you want to clean with hot water. After sprinkling, you wait for an hour or two and after that, you rub it very gently.

With Salt, you just need to sprinkle it on the stain and then wait for its colour to be reddish if the spot was originally caused by wine.

Once you see the reddish colour, just vacuum the salt and you are good to go. Both these products are cheap and have stain-removing components which cleanse your carpets and make them look great.

2.  Shaving Foam as A Stain Killer

Shaving cream is also something that is available in most houses and if not, you can buy one easily at your nearest store.

Put the cream on the part of your rug that has stains on it. The shaving foam has chemicals that work to decompose the elements of the stain and make it less adhesive.

Once you have applied the foam, wait for 20 to 30 minutes, and then put some hot water and it should clean your rug completely.

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3. Use Vinegar for Odour

If your carpet stinks and you cannot get rid of the smell after doing everything in your power, try out vinegar before you go ahead and hire your Area Rug Cleaning Scottsdale or some other carpet cleaning service.

Make sure you take an equal amount of both vinegar and water and not just the former. Once you have prepared your water/vinegar solution pour it on the surface, let it dry out, and then vacuum the whole thing. This method usually takes longer but works every time.

4. Use Ice for Gum and Furniture Marks

Using Ice makes cleaning gum off the carpet extremely easy. Leaving a fresh chewed piece of gum on carpet can ruin it and you need to get rid of it immediately before it dries out and destroys your carpet for good.

In this situation, put an ice cube on that piece of gum to harden it in its place, and once it is under ice use some tool to remove it from the carpet.

You can also remove the spots caused by your heavy furniture on the carpet using ice. Just put ice on it, let it melt, and then gently rub on it using a soft piece of cloth.

You can also use the best carpet cleaner for cleaning your carpet without putting in much effort.

5. Alcohol can Remove Nail Polish

Nail polish can be a damn hard thing to get rid of from your carpet. Alcohol however can help you clean it off.

But you need to consider one simple thing before you go ahead and pour Alcohol on your carpet.

Alcohol is most effective once the Nail Polish has completely dried off. After that use some tool like a butter knife or a spoon to peel it off as much as you can.

Then apply alcohol with the help of some cloth gently on the stain and it should clean your carpet good.

Final Words

Use the above products and methods for your carpet cleaning since they generate maximum results and cost you very little.

People have been using these useful remedies for decades and you should go for these as well instead of paying unnecessary money to professional carpet cleaning services.

We also advise you to do your own research on the type of your carpet and the stains that it has on it.

Once you are clear about what the problem is, you can remove it by using the above-mentioned methods with ease.

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