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Tips and Tricks on How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet

Party foul!

We’ve all been there – one minute you’re enjoying a nice glass of red wine and the next, there’s a horrifying red stain all over your (or even worse, someone else’s) beautiful, white carpet.

Time to panic or maybe change your name and move to a different country, right? Nope!

image - Tips and Tricks on How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet
Tips and Tricks on How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet

Fortunately, red wine stains are easier to remove than you might think. Here, we’ll break down exactly how to remove red wine from the carpet so you can keep your name and your citizenship.

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The Salt Method

If you’re able to catch a stain before it has fully dried, your chances of saving the carpet are already pretty good.

The salt method requires a wet stain, but don’t worry, you can also re-wet the stain if it has already dried.

The salt method involves applying a generous amount of salt to a wet stain. If you leave the salt on overnight, it will not only absorb any excess moisture but can also pull out discoloration and pigment.

Then, you can pick up any salt and vacuum the stains away the next morning.

Vinegar Method

White vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaner but mixed with a little bit of dishwashing liquid and warm water, and you’ve got a powerful stain remover ready to go.

When applied to stain, this mixture will help to loosen any pigment. Soak the stain in this mixture and dab gently with a rag to loosen the stain, and then use a second rag to absorb any excess liquid.

Continue alternating between rags and cold water until the stain has been lifted. Be patient! This might take a bit of time.

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Baking Soda Method

The baking soda method is similar to the salt method in that it works best with a wet stain.

If you’re able to catch a stain immediately, blot away any excess liquid so that it doesn’t immediately soak into the carpet. Then, you can add water to dilute the liquid and continue blotting.

A paste of baking soda and water can be applied to the stain and left to dry.

This should work similarly to salt, absorbing some of the excess liquid and removing pigment from the carpet. Once the paste has dried, vacuum up the paste.

There may still be a light stain left behind. At this point, you can use an additional carpet stain remover to fix any lasting blemishes.

You can also determine whether or not you need to contact a professional carpet cleaner, like Good Guy Carpet.

How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet Today

Hopefully, now you know that getting red wine onto your carpet, while very scary, is not a reason to panic!

Now you know how to remove red wine from the carpet in a number of different ways so you can be prepared the next time you (or maybe a friend) have a party foul.

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