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5 Tips to Create the Perfect Custom Wine Room Enclosure

Whether you’re a long-time wine enthusiast or a novice wine collector, creating a custom wine room enclosure is the best way to display and admire your selection of fine wines.

A wine cell or room provides attractive yet practical storage for your collection and secures it in the long run. Aside from working as impressively posh storage, a wine cellar can help boost the value of your house.

image - 5 Tips to Create the Perfect Custom Wine Room Enclosure
5 Tips to Create the Perfect Custom Wine Room Enclosure

In adding a wine room enclosure to your space, there are design elements to consider, such as the number of racks to use, storage safety, seating, and many more.

In most wine cellars or rooms, wood and metal are the most popular elements, along with a big portion of glass materials.

If you want to include a glass element in your cellar to enhance its aesthetic and functional aspects, companies such as this Glass Glazing Company can provide suitable options.

Check out these useful tips in creating the ideal custom wine room enclosure.

1. Choose Appropriate Materials for the Wine Rack

An essential element in designing a custom wine room enclosure are the racks that will hold the wine bottles. Most come in metal or wood or various finishes and designs.

You can select a racking system that’s functional and stylish at the same time.

Metal wine racks are popular options for homeowners who want to add a modern touch to the wine room enclosure.

Mostly, metal wine racks comprise metallic shelves or wall-mounted hooks. A majority of the metal wine racks can store wines that showcase the label and whole bottle rather than concealing them within the frames.

Some of the metal racks are available in built-in, freestanding designs, or a combination of both styles. It’s best to equip your wine room with decorative accents, such as glass portions, along with well-positioned backlighting.

When it comes to glass walls, selections by established and renowned companies, such as Desert Empire Mirror and Glass, are worth checking out.

Wood racking systems are available in the market in half-height, floor-to-ceiling, and other custom configurations.

Some wine storage systems boast a 13-inch-deep capacity where you can insert the entire bottle. There are also pull-out cradles with sliding bottle shelves for extra protection.

You can make the most out of your corner space with a rotating wine cradle.

image - Choose Appropriate Materials for the Wine Rack

2. Add Tables and Seats

If your wine room has enough space, you can consider adding a table and several seats to complement the wine racks.

It provides a comfortable spot while trying out different wines. If guests are coming over, the seating area serves as an ideal space to entertain them while wine-tasting.

This way, you’ll get to have a lovely conversation with friends.

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3. Regulate the Temperature

The wine room should have a temperature of approximately 55 degrees. Excessive heat causes your wine to taste foul or decrease in quality.

A humidity-regulated cellar is the best option in maintaining the quality of your collection. Remember to keep a steady temperature for your wine collection at all times.

4. Store Your Wine Away from Sunlight

Avoid exposing your wine to direct sunlight since this can alter the wine’s composition and taste. In selecting the lighting for your cellar, use incandescent bulbs since they produce the smallest amount of UV light.

5. Keep the Storage Moisture-Free

Humidity and moisture also affect wine quality. The ideal way to ascertain that your wine stays moisture-free is to monitor the humidity level of your wine room enclosure.

The ideal humidity level should be approximately 70%. Do not forget to monitor your wine cellar regularly to enable you to take proper measures in case the humidity and moisture levels increase.


You need a perfect wine room to properly store your wine. As your wine collection increases, you should create a custom wine room enclosure suitable for your house.

With the help of these tips, you can showcase your collection while keeping them safe and guaranteed to last for years to come.