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Here’s Where You Buy French Properties for Running a Vineyard

Have you dreamt of escaping the stress of your tedious nine to five job and running off to some charming European country? Do you have a love for wine and have been saving to buy a vineyard and vinery? France is where you want to move to, home to the wine capital of the world.

France being the second-largest producer of wine, has always been one of the top places for both growing grapes and making wine.

image - Here’s Where You Buy French Properties for Running a Vineyard
Here’s Where You Buy French Properties for Running a Vineyard

French wine is much coveted throughout the world, and places like Champagne and Burgundy are prominent for their fine production of vino.

If you are interested in buying french properties for wine production, whether for business or for personal use, these are the locations you would want to look into.

Rhône Valley

Rhône valley is well-known for wine production and has around 27 native varieties of grape. The region consists of a valley surrounding the ancient Rhône River, which runs through the southeast of France.

Chateauneuf du Pape

This exquisite French village in the southern Rhône valley has the most celebrated appellation in the wine region. Chateauneuf du Pape is famous for its heavy red wines, with complex flavors and rich, full-bodied taste.

If you are a fan of full-bodied red wine, this is where you want to buy properties. Even though you can grow around eighteen different grapes here, both red and white, the vineyards are dominated only by Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre.

Vineyards in the coveted Rhone region are historically famous, and in some areas, you might get a cheaper price. However, the price per hectare of land in Chateauneuf du Pape is around €500,000.

This price can be good for small, hobby vineyards but not recommended for businesses unless you can splurge as it is the most expensive area in Rhône valley.

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If you come further east from Chateauneuf you will find the Ventoux wine region. Also situated in the southern Rhône valley, Ventoux is a large area and most vineyards are located on the slopes of Mount Ventoux.

You can make reds, whites, and roses here, although white wine is rarely grown.

The weather is balanced and perfect for growing grapes and as the region is less-known a lot of vineyard land is available here, the price per hectare is around €27,000.

So, whether you want to experiment or grow grapes for deep reds but can’t afford the more expensive lands in Rhône valley, Ventoux is the place for you.

If you choose to do business your wine will have the famous Côtes du Rhône seal, which will make it more appealing to connoisseurs.


Also situated in southern France, this region starts from Languedoc stretches all the way to Roussillon further south. The entire area is bordered by the Mediterranean in the east and the Rhône river in the west.

Languedoc is famous for its lack of specialization, and many vineyards tend to grow a mix of grapes. This grape can be both red and green, and you can make anything from dark reds to sparkling whites.

Whether you are looking for a hobby vineyard with a holiday chateau or a permanent business, the Languedoc-Roussillon wine region is perfect for both. You will find that living or spending vacation time in the beautiful region is worthwhile, and the price of vineyard land is also cheaper.

However, property prices may increase as you get closer to the Mediterranean, but vineyard land in Languedoc ranges from fourteen thousand to twenty-five thousand euros. The prices will fall near the Pyrenees.


Are you a lover of Rosé wine? Then you would want to buy land in Provence for your vineyard, as half of the wine produced there is rosé. Thousands of years ago, Greeks were already making rosé wine in Provence!

You can also grow grapes for light or dark reds, and whites in Provence, but if you are making rosé in Provence for your business, your wine will sell better.

The entire area is filled with charming villages, so if you ever dreamt of living in the French country style, Provence is the place for your vineyard. The weather is heavily influenced by the Mediterranean, which makes the area appealing for living.

The price per hectare of vineyard land is around a hundred thousand euros on average, but the Chateaus price can get even more expensive due to the favorable weather. If you want to make rosé, don’t miss out on Provence.


One simply cannot talk about vineyards and wines without mentioning Bordeaux, the wine capital of the world. If your wine cellar boasts of some fine wine, it certainly should have at least one bottle of Bordeaux wine.

The Majority of the wine made in Bordeaux is dry red. You can grow only six different varieties of red and around eight types of white wines. Vineyard prices vary depending on the area and can range from twenty thousand euros to a few million.

If your wine is branded as a Bordeaux wine, it will become its selling highlight as reds from the region are much sought after. If you love wine and want to splurge on a hobby vineyard, you can’t get a better place than the Bordeaux wine region.

You will also need to spend more on businesses, but buying cheaper land in Castillon, Fronsac and other cheaper AOC might help.

Final Thoughts

France has some of the finest vineyards on earth and its unique climate and soil blend have made the land appealing for growing grapes for thousands of years. If you want a slice of winemaking history, buy land in any of the appellations in France, particularly the ones mentioned here.

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