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Luxury Vinyl Tiles Vs Vinyl Sheet – Which Is the Best?

Vinyl flooring that is available these days comes with a wide variety of features and should be used according to the requirements of the residential or commercial space.

However, when you look closely among these two types of materials, you will find a significant difference between the two that will leave you to wonder which one should be used.

You can find out what level finish had to say on which one is the best suited for you by checking the website.

Let’s get back to our discussion and find out the major differences between the two types of tiles.

image - Luxury Vinyl Tiles Vs Vinyl Sheet - Which Is the Best?
Luxury Vinyl Tiles Vs Vinyl Sheet – Which Is the Best?


There are a plethora of choices available in vinyl, and the prices also vary greatly. However, in general, sheet vinyl is much cheaper.

You can find the Sheet vinyl between the range of $1 and $2 per square foot.

On the other hand, luxury vinyl tiles can cost you around $2 and $7 per square foot.

When it comes to the installation cost of the vinyl sheet, it is somewhat less than luxury vinyl.


Durable is an important factor to distinguish between the two. Luxury vinyl is certainly more durable than the vinyl sheet.

Moreover, the latter is prone to curling. This is mainly because it is made on large rolls and the, so the edges of the sheet tend to curl back up just like paper when it is rolled tightly.

These curls might become prominent if there are seams present on the surface of the sheet.

Another drawback of using the vinyl sheet is that it can easily wear and tear and in case damage is caused to vinyl, you will not be able to repair or replace it back.

Luxury vinyl is suitable in that aspect as you can replace the damaged planks or tiles.

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Water Resistance

Vinyl sheet is much better when compared to luxury vinyl in this aspect as it is highly resistant to water.

Due to its non-waterproofing capabilities, luxury vinyl tends to develop seams between the tiles and planks and the water can easily flow through the subfloor.

However, this can damage the floor at times, even when you find that the vinyl is actually fine.

If you are looking for something that is not waterproof yet it is water-resistant, then you consult a professional to help you make the right selection as at times the water might seep way too much into the subfloor.

As the sheet vinyl is a single sheet altogether, there are no chances that the subfloor might get damaged due to excess flow of water.


You can find both luxury vinyl and sheet vinyl in a wide array of styles, including material that is similar to stone or wood.

Luxury vinyl acts as a good camouflage as it consists of grooves between the planks/tiles, and produces more realistic textures which look distinguishing when installing in residential or commercial spaces.

Sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl can prove to be great flooring options if you use them according to the location of the room and the requirements.

These are beautiful, reliable, and last for several years if treated properly. Moreover, for those who want low-maintenance flooring, you will certainly find these two varieties extremely useful.

However, if you are confused between the two, then it is best to seek out professional help so that you make the right choice among them.

Make sure you consider the style, budget, and material when you are making a selection so that it is value for money.

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