Vinyl became a popular construction material after the 2nd World War when the prices of wood and aluminum soared due to limited supplies.

People started looking for cost-effective and energy-efficient alternatives for their building projects. After its introduction, vinyl eventually captured a significant portion of the market.

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Save Money with Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a type of plastic that takes up less energy and resources to produce. It’s a common material for doors, pipes, flooring, and windows.

Most homeowners who choose vinyl windows over other construction materials typically do so to save money. Here’s how vinyl windows can help lower costs for any window replacement project:

1. Vinyl Windows Are Affordable

Initially, vinyl was considered a low-cost and low-quality alternative to wood. After all, it had its fair share of problems — it was prone to discoloration, warping, and cracking, especially when it was constantly exposed to the sun’s radiation.

It also needed to be replaced much faster compared to wooden frames.

With the developments in technology, however, the vinyl windows of today have made great strides from their earlier versions.

They’re still the least expensive option on the market, but they can now easily compete with their much more expensive counterparts in terms of performance, longevity, durability, and energy efficiency.

2. Vinyl Windows Are Durable

Vinyl windows are exceptionally durable. They can withstand the elements and are resistant to corrosion, decay, moisture, and humidity.

They won’t easily peel, fade, or blister. They’ll retain their appearance for a long time (up to 30 years!) with only minimal maintenance.

We recommend installing your vinyl windows with metal parts — instead of plastic fittings — to make sure they last longer.

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3. Vinyl Windows Are Low-Maintenance

Vinyl, unlike wood or glass, isn’t a dirt magnet. Homeowners won’t have to strip, repaint, or re-stain vinyl windows, unlike wooden ones which require regular maintenance.

The surface only needs to be gently cleaned with a damp cloth every now and then to keep them looking their best.

To ensure faster cleaning, we suggest getting vinyl replacement windows that have a tilt or sash since they allow easy access to the exterior parts.

4. Vinyl Windows Are Energy-Efficient

When it comes to thermal protection, vinyl windows perform better compared to wooden and aluminum ones.

Vinyl windows are typically built with energy-efficient parts such as double or triple glass panes, insulation, and low-E coatings.

Vinyl windows help retain heat during the cold winter months and keep the warmth of the sun out during the hot summer months.

The tight seal also offers insulation against drafts and protection against rotting and warping.

Because the home’s heating and cooling systems won’t be working as hard with vinyl windows, homeowners can expect a significant reduction in their energy bills.

To ensure proper insulation and more cost savings, we recommend getting double-sealed paneling.

This will reflect the sun’s rays without reducing the natural lighting that a room typically gets. It’ll also help protect furniture from fading due to constant exposure to the sun.

5. Vinyl Windows Are Easy to Repair and Replace

Vinyl windows last for a very long time. Homeowners won’t have to worry about repairs or replacement for many years after installation.

However, accidents do happen. If the glass gets broken or smashed accidentally, it’s often a quick fix. Small parts such as handles or hinges can also be easily purchased in local retail stores.

If the homeowner would rather not deal with the repairs or replacement process themselves, they can always contact a vinyl windows San Diego contractor to handle the work for them.

6. Vinyl Windows Are Eco-Friendly

Most homeowners think that sustainable products that are good for the environment cost more. However, that’s not necessarily true. Vinyl windows are long-lasting and recyclable.

They don’t have to be replaced as frequently as windows made from wood or aluminum, so homeowners can reduce their contribution to landfill waste.

They can also be recycled into other products (including new windows!) so any adverse impact on the environment is very minimal.

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