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5 DIY Decorative Pieces for Your Dorm Room

Dorm rooms aren’t known for their great furnishing and decorations. Students have to work around the scarce space to make their living conditions more vibrant. This improves their mood and helps them concentrate on studying. Carefully placed items also help unwind and get proper rest.

image - 5 DIY Decorative Pieces for Your Dorm Room
5 DIY Decorative Pieces for Your Dorm Room

Most students can’t spend a huge budget on decorating their dorm rooms. That’s why they should check out DIY projects. There are many ideas that will improve their organizational abilities and help make the dorms feel more like home.

Corkboard Frame

Students can get overwhelmed with tasks and deadlines. Google Calendar helps keep track of academic activities. But some people are better at remembering things when they are written down. Their workspaces can get clustered with notes. Placing a corkboard frame allows putting all of them on the wall.

This takes only a few steps.

  1. Take a piece of corkboard and decorate it with a pattern of your choice.
  2. Get another piece of board and wrap a cord around its bottom.
  3. Adjust the height of the rope.
  4. Use a small amount of adhesive to attach it to the painted board.
  5. Take a tack and secure the board to the wall.

Depending on its size, it can be separated into several sections. For example, organize personal events and academic activities departments. Students can keep track of deadlines on several subjects.

This way, there’s a bigger chance that they won’t have to buy essay cheap or use other homework services. Thus, a corkboard frame can become a handy item to improve your time management skills.

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Hanging Photo Wall

Dorm room walls often have little to no decorations. This space can be used in a couple of ways. One of the most creative approaches involves making a collage of family photos. It can be as big or as small as necessary. Students can use a photo filter to make all pictures look the same or use several of them for contrast.

The process involves the following steps.

  1. Printing out the photographs.
  2. Making small holes at the top and bottom center of photos.
  3. Putting a piece of string through all pictures.
  4. Tying the end of the string to a wooden trim.
  5. Attaching the plank with removable wall hooks.

Take time with each step. To make sure that the piece is placed straight, students can use a bubble-level mobile app. You can use photographs of different sizes or print them out in a single size. Such installations can be placed near your workspace to remind you of good times and loved ones.

Succulent Wall Planter

Dorm rooms aren’t known for their spaciousness. Students use every inch of the place to their advantage. Having house plants brings a few perks. It reduces the volume of CO2 gas and improves air quality.

In some cases, the only option is placing the planters on the wall. It’s recommended to use succulent plants for this purpose.

To make a planter full of plants, one has to

  1. purchase sphagnum moss and a couple of succulents;
  2. water and separate the moss;
  3. place the moist moss in the planter (it shouldn’t be too stuffed);
  4. take as much soil as possible out of the succulent pots;
  5. make holes in the moss and plant in them;
  6. hang the planter on a wall.

Additional moss can be packed in with a chopstick. Students can purchase various types of succulents or ask friends for saplings. All of the items required for making the room greener are highly affordable.

A combination of a planter, sphagnum moss, and assorted succulents will run about 60$ on Amazon. It’s a moderate but solid investment in your health.

Paper Wall Hanging

Student dorm rooms aren’t just about functionality. They have to feel like a home. That’s why you should think about decorating the place as much as possible. One of the effective ways of doing so is making wall hangings. Students can place one or several of them and combine such pieces with other decorative items.

There are several items required for this project. Get an artwork piece or paint one yourself. Next, find a pair of scissors in case it needs to be cut to size. Find two same-sized wooden planks and a bottle of wood glue. Finally, you’ll need a staple gun and a cord to hang the artwork. Once you’re done, do the following.

  • Make sure the artwork fits the width of the wooden planks.
  • Apply the glue to the wood and press the paper against it.
  • Wait until it dries. To make the process more efficient, one can use several clamps.
  • Once the structure is secured, attach the rope to the back with a staple gun.

If you want, you can add a layer of wood finish to the boards. You will have a nice piece of decor that’s easily affordable. All materials for such a project will cost 20$. It’s way cheaper than buying something similar online.

Rope Baskets

Most dorm rooms have dull plastic planters. There is an easy and affordable way to make the room look cozier. Such decorative pots can help accent the dorm and bring its style together. All it takes is a hot glue gun, scissors, embroidery thread, plastic container, and rope. Once you have everything, do the following.

  • Start gluing the rope to the pot from the bottom of the object.
  • Work your way to the top section of the container.
  • Add a colorful thread between the rope gaps.
  • Finish by integrating a couple of decorative handles.

Such decorative containers can serve various purposes. One can use them for storing knick-knacks, planting flowers, or adding fake plants. The use of plastic ensures that everybody can easily clean the inside of the object. As with all DIY projects, this one is cheap to pull off.


As you can see, there are plenty of inexpensive and easy-to-do ways of making dorm rooms feel like home. They won’t take too much time out of the daily schedule and will make students more organized and creative. Check them out and find the right one for your dorm room.

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