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Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas Lighting

We decorate to celebrate. Be it spending time with family members or friends, we celebrate being together.

August is here and the change in the weather is quite noticeable now.

Christmas will soon come knocking at our doors and it’s never too early to start making holiday decoration plans.

You talk of Christmas and the warmth of the lights fills our hearts. Whatever way we can we try to make the best out of this festival time that creates lifelong memories to cherish.

Garlands, Christmas wreaths, and outdoor as well as indoor light decorations uplift our moods instantly.

Sometimes when we drive down the road, we see many houses that have hung the lights but the decoration instead of adding to the festive mood somehow has managed to accomplish just the opposite.

Read on to know what you might be doing wrong all these years while decorating the outdoor area of your house that might have been an eyesore to the others. And if you are a beginner, you can take help from here.

image - Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas Lighting
Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas Lighting

Know When to Light Up and When to Take Down the Lights

You put a lot of effort to hang the Christmas lights but many people light them up too early.

If you own a business then it’s understandable but for private houses, you can light them up on the eve of St.

Nicholas Day i.e. on the 5th of December. Similarly, while taking them down you can do it on February 2, Candlemas Day.

If this seems a long period then at least keep them lighted till the Epiphany that falls on January 6th. Let everyone enjoy the Christmas spirit.

Be Consistent While Choosing Lights For Decoration

Just that you have many kinds of lights with you, doesn’t mean you have to use all of them in one place.

If you are not sure you can take the help of professional installers like Hang Ten Christmas Lights Installation company.

But if you want to do it by yourself then do maintain some consistency.

Multicolored lights are good but it’s better not to mix them with solid color lights unless you are quite sure what it would look like in the end.

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Don’t Compromise on the Quantity

It might so happen that while decorating one side of your porch you might see that you have no more lights left.

What would you do? Leaving it like that won’t be an option. So, before you start the process of decorating, have an idea as to how many you need to complete the decoration you have in mind.

Buy lights if you think you would need more or else you won’t achieve a uniform look.

Use Dead Bulbs or Tape the Lights That Seem to be an Extra

It’s a very common practice to leave the extra string of light hanging out there, especially when you are using them to lace your window.

You don’t know how awful it looks. The simplest solution would be to tape them up with black tape or replace the bulbs with dead ones.

Know What’s too Much And What’s too Less

Sometimes we overdo things. We put together so many things that make the onlookers think that too much is going on at that place.

Maintain a balance between the items you are planning to use for Christmas decorations.


Christmas is for everyone. So the decoration should be such that would fill every person with warmth and joy.

So, while decking up the outdoor space, see to it that you live up to that expectation.