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Top Skills Required in a Landscaping Resume

With some creativity and designing skills, you can include necessary landscaping skills.

With your essential landscaping skills, you can easily convert a patch of bare land into a thing to admire.

However, if you do not want to be stuck with just mowing a lawn, you should excel at your landscaping career to allow your creativity and skills to shine throughout.

For this, you need a relevant landscaping resume for optimum results.

If you wish to be involved in a landscaping career, it involves working outdoors and hands-on labor.

To succeed as a landscaper, you need to have ample creativity along with a myriad of additional skills.

Whether you are just starting out or need to refine your landscaping resume, you should be aware of the important skills that you should include in the document.

In this post, we aim at highlighting relevant landscaping skills to improve in your resume.

image - Top Skills Required in a Landscaping Resume
Top Skills Required in a Landscaping Resume

What are Essential Landscaping Skills?

Landscaping skills are obtained from in-depth knowledge of specific areas including horticulture, seasonal planning, and exterior design.

Professional landscapers make use of the given set of skills for creating the perfect outdoor space well-suited for the specific needs of the clients.

Their job profile includes activities like soil & lawn care, bush maintenance, tree care, and much more.

Most landscapers also help with the development of blueprints for advanced design features including pavers, flowerbeds, fountains, statues, and so more.

Individuals in the given field make use of the respective knowledge of plants, animals, weather, and insects to address location-specific outdoor concerns.

In addition to this, landscapers might also implement irrigation practices while utilizing soil management skills.

What Landscaping Skills to Include in the Resume?

As a landscaper, you can consider including the following skills in your landscaping resume:

Lawn Maintenance

For lawn-related activities, most individuals seek the professional help of landscapers.

Therefore, as a landscaper, you should be adept at lawn maintenance skills including mowing, sod installation, and seeding.

Based on the specific location of the clients, you should be skilled at landscaping designing, and lawn aeration.

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Bush & Tree Work

A landscaper is expected to be skilled in the removal or maintenance of large, unwanted bushes and trees in the landscape or lawn area.

At the same time, possessing knowledge about designing and trimming bushes is also an integral skill. Additionally, some skills related to bush & tree work include:

  1. Aerial life operations
  2. Branch thinning
  3. Stalking trees
  4. Pruning

Soil & Irrigation Management

Knowing how to treat the soil in the best possible manner will help in supporting the maintenance of the overall grass work.

The location serves to be a crucial factor while determining specific aspects of irrigation and soil management you are required to focus on.

As a landscaper, you should be aware of important skills including fertilizing, amending soil, winterizing, mulching, and others in areas experiencing all seasons. Some additional skills in the given concept are:

  1. Plants that are drought-resistant
  2. Rainwater harvesting
  3. Installation & maintenance of garden sprinklers
  4. Irrigation scheduling
  5. Drip irrigation

Pest Control

In most cases, clients might have issues with pests on the lawn and surroundings.

When you have knowledge about common landscaping issues caused due to pests, small animals, bugs, or invading plant species, it will help you in receiving the desired responses from the clients.

You can go through the important list of skills needed to ensure pest control in different areas:

  1. Knowledge about different pesticides
  2. Weed management
  3. Knowledge about insects that are beneficial
  4. Identification of weeds and other plant species that are invasive
  5. Recognition of the presence of rodents in the area

Attention to Detail

As a landscaper, you are required to possess more than just technical skills.

There are several types of important as well as useful soft skills including attention to detail. Flower maintenance, gardening, and lawn care require ample precision.

Your ability to identify encroaching weed or a wilted flower in the garden will help you in addressing minor issues from converting into major ones.

As a professional landscaper, you should also be capable of performing accurate measurements for ensuring that designs & blueprints turn out reliable in front of the clients.


It is referred to as any hard surface that is being used as a part of the exterior design plan.

Usually, hardscaping skills for a landscaping resume include constructing a wooden structure, erection of a stone wall, laying down stone tiles, and so more.

Most landscapers possess softscaping skills as well. These have to do more with natural elements of the garden including plants and grass.

When you possess hardscaping skills, it can make you a valuable member of any professional team.


As you prepare the landscaping resume, it is important to prepare yourself for the landscaping interview as well.

You can also bring a portfolio of your past work and photographs to showcase your skills and impress the hiring manager.

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