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5 Hillside Landscaping Ideas for Rustic Backyards

Rustic homes bring together iron, wood, and metals in an artful way. Extend this design theme to your backyard to transform your space into an inviting getaway.

Even if your backyard sits on a slope, there are imaginable ways to create a stylish rustic design. Take a look at these top 5 rustic hillside landscaping ideas.

image - 5 Hillside Landscaping Ideas for Rustic Backyards
5 Hillside Landscaping Ideas for Rustic Backyards

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  1. Stone Retaining Walls

One of the best hillside landscaping ideas is a stone retaining wall. Large stones work best especially if they look like they emerged from the landscape naturally.

Aim for rough textured rocks covered in soft moss to get the best effect. Retaining walls also have the practical purpose of preventing too much erosion on a hillside.

This is helpful especially when your slope extends more than three feet into your yard. If you have a long hillside, place more than one retaining wall along the slope for a dramatic impact.

  1. Cascading Greenery

Rows of lush greenery look great in just about any yard. But with a hillside, you gain the benefit of seeing most of the greenery at once.

Layer whimsical plants in unusual textures to add to the rustic feel. Lawn ornaments of metal and stone throughout help enhance the theme while giving you the opportunity to make seasonal updates.

  1. Rock Garden

An alpine garden is one of the best hillside landscaping ideas in areas where foliage won’t grow. A well-designed rock garden combines large and small textures to add visual interest to a sloping backyard.

Small succulents can be placed throughout the rock garden for splashes of color. Consult with a landscaper to install rock gardens if you want to simplify the construction process.

Though the designs seem impossibly simple, the logistics of moving large boulders and placing them on a hillside can be a chore. Get a professional to help safely install your rock garden so there are no injuries.

  1. Winding Garden Walk

Create a road less traveled along the hillside up to your front door. A winding garden path through colorful flowers adds a whimsical touch to your yard.

Garden paths need not be paved in order to lure guests. Cobblestones or cement stepping stones are both a fun touch for a rustic themed home.

Modernize your stepping stones by choose dark-colored stones like slate instead of traditional white or beige.

  1. Rock Waterfall

rock waterfall is a landscaping installation that can be enjoyed both indoors and out. Watching and listening to the waterfall from even from indoors is sure to bring enjoyment year-round.

These waterfalls can attach to another water feature like a pond or swimming pool to bring all the elements of your yard together.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Many people see a sloping yard and see a lost cause. They look immediately for ways to level out the area for more ‘usable space.’

But hillside landscaping ideas are just as creative and beautiful as those for flat yards. Use your imagination to create an oasis in your backyard that provides you with the relaxation you deserve.

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