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Exciting Tips on Hanging Christmas Lights Around Windows

Happy time is finally here. Do you want to cheer up your home for your family and neighbors this Christmas? Wonderful! It’s a fantastic way to add festivity back to life.

The good news is that we are immensely passionate about lighting up our home and office. So, we have brought exciting tips on hanging Christmas lights around windows professionally.

Excited? So are we! Let’s get geared!

image - Exciting Tips on Hanging Christmas Lights Around Windows
Exciting Tips on Hanging Christmas Lights Around Windows

Selecting Right Light for Christmas

Choose Miniature Lights

We know you want to outshine your home this Christmas. But miniature lights help you avoid overwhelming your windows. So, our number one tip is to go for small-sized lights. But you can opt for larger ones according to your place.

The cute little lights will still brighten your home like never before. Illuminating your windows with these lights is satisfying without a doubt. When you turn them on, you will have a lovely twinkle rather than a too bright scene for your eyes.

Go for LED Lights

LED lights are small in size and consume less power yet are brighter than traditional lights. We recommend going for white LED lights with a blueish tint to make your windows more exquisite.

And yes, they’re more robust and last longer than incandescent lights. And we recommend getting C9 LED lights.

Why C9 LED Lights?

There are several benefits of using it.

  • C9 LED Christmas lights
  • It lasts 10 times longer than traditional lights.
  • Create minimal heat and thus provide improved fire safety.
  • Have no mercury, making them friendly to the environment.
  • Save you bucks because they use three times less electricity.

But if you love incandescent lights, go for them if you like warmer looks and orangish feels. They aren’t as durable as LED lights, though.

Buy Battery Operated Lights

You will thank us later for this tip if you don’t have a plug nearby. Apart from it, battery operated lights are generally better because you can take them wherever you want. Think about it.

You have set up your lights, and suddenly your kids start wanting to through the party in some other place in your home. You set up the lights immediately because you are smart enough to buy battery-powered lights.

Choose the Right Color Lights

If you don’t have specific likes about lights, go for white ones. Why? They offer you an elegant, clean, and classic look. But if you yearn for a bolder ambiance this year, opt for colorful lights.

We recommend you going for multi-color lights only. They offer an eye-catching and fun holiday look. Or you can use white, blue, and red color lights to spark the festivity this Christmas.

Planning Your Christmas Lights Design

Measure the Windows Obviously

Plan your design for Christmas lights first so that you know how many light cables you need. Measure the windows and other places where you want to put up the lights.

You should also determine the number of hooks you need per window. Usually, 5-8 hooks are enough. But it’s just an estimation. Go for white or transparent hooks, so they don’t look noticeable.

Hunt for Straight Lines

And not just lines; hunt for anything that has some symmetric design. See if you can brighten up those lines or symmetries in your home. Survey every area of your home, from windows to rooflines.

Consult with your kids as well. Aren’t they great at these things? Measure the sizes along the way. Keep the distance to your power source in your mind if you don’t buy battery-powered lights.

Go for Focal Point

If you want to decorate your windows, you should also look for focal points around them. For example, framing your entryway with lights is a fantastic way to wow your family and friends.

Also, lighting up your focal point makes your home brighter than ever. See the thickness to determine the best way to hang lights around windows and along the rooflines. Go for:

  • Bushes and trees
  • Rooflines or eaves
  • Pillars and deck railings
  • Driveways and entryways
  • Window boxes and planters

Put the Same Light Type Together

Avoid mixing LED and incandescent lights. Otherwise, you will end up creating an unwanted contrast. Always go for the same type of lights to maintain uniformity and in the light emission.

Some lights can be brighter than others. Putting up mixed lights also create problems in propagating the light properly. It also doesn’t give an eye-catching look and feel. But again, it depends on your style and place as well.

Hanging Christmas Lights Around Windows

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Make Sure Lights Face the Same Direction

Connect light strands using a plug at the end, so they don’t fit around your windows. All the lights should face the same direction, so they look uniformed.

It’s important to avoid nullifying each other’s light. Lights facing the same direction look phenomenal. There should be some pattern or symmetry of lights.

Use Cup Hooks for Study Grip

The cup hooks are handy because they are sturdier and small to fit any place. Screw the small hooks into your wall, and that’s just it! You can also enjoy festoon or fairy lighting along the top or bottom of your window.

Make sure there’s minimal or no damage done around your windows. There’s another idea; you can also use floral wire to hang your Christmas lights. But you should be more careful when doing so.

Get the Wire Suckers on Work

Wire suckers are great for placing the lights seamlessly on windows. They are terrific if you don’t want to install or attach anything to your windows.

There are many magnetic wire suckers, as well. This durable product will last longer. And they also keep your kids safe from getting strangled by lights and cables accidentally.

Test Your Lights

Will you wake up on Christmas to find out your lights aren’t working? Of course not. So, check all the lights, wires, hooks, and batteries before you hit the party.

You should also always read the manufacturer’s recommendations for every piece of equipment. Test every gear. And make sure your light setup is safe for kids.

Set Up a Ladder

Suppose your lights are out. What will you do? You will immediately want to check all the lights. That’s why you should keep a ladder around so you may reach the high places.

When you use the ladder, place it firmly on the ground. Lean it against the wall at an angle comfortable for you. Don’t lean on it if you don’t need to.

Your Thoughts?

We have enlisted some of our favorite tips on selecting, planning, and finally hanging Christmas lights around windows. What are your thoughts about them? Have we missed something?

Do let us know in the comments below. We wish you Merry Christmas! May the new year be exciting and prosperous for you.