Sleep troubled patients can follow some simple tips to get a better night’s sleep.

image - Dos and Don'ts of Sleep

Dos and Don’ts of Sleep

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  • Keep a consistent time schedule of when to sleep and wake up each day. Sleep for a constant number of hours, without exceeding. Sleeping for long periods, excessively often results in shallow and fragmented sleep.
  • Establish a quiet, comfortable, clean, and dark area for sleeping. The temperature of your bed and bedroom should be relaxed and comfortable. If your mattress is old replace it. Invest in a new Avocado mattress.
  • Create regular relaxing behaviors like reading for about ten minutes to an hour before sleeping.
  • Utilize the bed for relaxing and sleeping alone. For instance, don’t try to go with your laptop top bed with the hoax of finishing a pressing assignment before falling asleep.
  • Do regular exercises but not immediately before bedtime.
  • Power naps are good for health, so one should sleep 20-40 minutes in the afternoon.
  • Taking bath before sleep can make you more comfortable in the bed.
  • Drinking warm milk before going to sleep can be helpful.
  • Use soft mattress for your bed so you could get peaceful sleep
  • Turn off all screens and lights 30 minutes before going to sleep because your brain must disconnect from electronic means.
  • Maintain a sleep routine that is permanent on daily basis.
  • Set time to sleep according to your need and if you have any urgent work to do so set alarms.
  • Temperature of the bed room should be comfortable according to your body as it will lead to good sleep.
  • Keep the bedroom quiet when sleeping well noise can disturbing.
  • By wearing socks and gloves in cold season, one can get warm and peaceful sleep.
  • There should be separate comfortable dress for sleeping purpose only.


  • Don’t take a nap during the evening or the day.
  • Don’t sleep on your chest as it can affect your health, one should always sleep straight on his back.
  • Don’t sleep empty stomach as it will disturb you in the middle of the night and gases are generated in empty stomach.
  • If you can’t sleep up to 15 minutes so you should move out of the bed.
  • Don’t look frequently at clock because it can become cause of insomnia.
  • Don’t drink too much water before going to bed because it can lead you to get up and go to bathroom frequently.
  • Don’t overeat or drink large quantities of fluids before going to bed. If you get hungry, a glass of milk or a light snack may assists you sleep.
  • Don’t take caffeine during the evening.
  • Don’t buy uncomfortable fabric as sleeping suit as it could one major cause of restless sleep.
  • Don’t sleep when you are not willing to because restless sleep can make you snore.
  • Don’t smoke. Chronic tobacco usage disrupts sleep.
  • According to science, don’t eat cheese or chocolates before going to sleep because mainly it cause nightmares.
  • Don’t dwell on intense feelings or thoughts before sleeping.
  • Don’t lie in bed awake for long. After 20 to 30 minutes, if you aren’t asleep, get up and watch TV or read until you do.
  • Don’t depend on sleeping pills for long periods. Long-term usage will be ineffective for insomniacs.
  • Don’t rely on alcohol to sleep. Alcohol will result in fragmented night sleep, which will make you wake up during the night time.
  • Don’t sleep at the time when you have ate something spicy.
  • Late night meals can be destructive for your sleep so eat bit early before sleeping.
  • Don’t ever go to sleep when you are in deep stress because sometimes it leads to death