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Five Easy Furniture Ideas to Make Yourself

Constructing your own furniture gives you the ultimate level of control over the design of your home.

You can put your own spin and style onto the pieces you make yourself, as well as being especially rewarding.

If you have the ambition to learn the skills and getting to grips with more home DIY, you can start to assemble your ideal furniture.

Here are a few reasons why building your own furniture can be beneficial and some ideas to get your imagination going.

image - Five Easy Furniture Ideas to Make Yourself
Five Easy Furniture Ideas to Make Yourself

Why Should you Build your Own Furniture?

New furniture can be incredibly expensive depending on what you’re looking to buy. Businesses factor in materials, skilled labour, and their own mark-up for profit on every piece sold.

Making your own furniture cuts out two of these things, meaning you’re only paying for materials by undertaking the labour yourself.

You can also use reclaimed materials to keep costs down, securing your dream furniture for a fraction of the cost. With so much usable furniture being thrown away every year, recycling old materials help reduce this level of waste.

Developing your own DIY skills will build your confidence in building more furniture in the future.

You can build up your tool collection to create more intricate pieces, such as a band saw for intricate designs or counterbores for creating a flush finish around your fastening.

Easy Furniture Ideas to Make Yourself


Made from a small number of simple materials, shelves can give a room extra storage space whilst displaying the items openly.

Select your preferred material for the shelves and choose L-brackets that complement the aesthetic.

Attach the L-brackets to the wall and rest your shelves on top, painting the screwheads for a uniform finish.

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TV Stand

You can upcycle old dressers or similar to create a great TV stand or construct your own from scratch.

Upcycling will require sanding down and repainting an older piece, as well as potentially repairing any damage.

Building your own TV stand will involve finding sturdy wood for the surfaces, stable legs cut to equal lengths, then bringing it all together.

Coffee Table

Choosing the right coffee table for your living room can act as an intriguing centerpiece for space.

Selecting the main material to act as the tabletop is crucial, with practically anything level working well.

You can always sand down uneven natural woods for a uniform finish. Once you’ve got your surface, all it needs is some legs!

Shoe Rack

With shoe racks, you’ll want to ensure what you build fits your footwear perfectly.

Some shoes, like boots or hi-top trainers, may require more generous dimensions in order to sit neatly within your shoe rack.

Whatever materials you’re using, make sure you match your design to the required dimensions – otherwise, your shoes could end up falling out or being crammed in.

Storage Chest

Constructing a large, hinged storage chest involves finding strong materials joined together using sturdy woodworking joints.

Depending on how big the box will need to be, you’ll need to plan out your joints accordingly.

Alternatively, you can screw everything together and keep the screws flush for a smooth finish.

These ideas are just to get you started, as you can theoretically build any furniture you could want.

Start small and work your way up – maybe you could eventually build all your dream home furnishings from scratch.