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9 Essential Tips for Your Home Office Design

Today, with the spread of coronaviruses, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the government is requesting people to work at home.

This will allow you to wash your hands more frequently, practice social distance and stay safer.

The request however has resulted in most people adding a home office into their house.

image - 9 Essential Tips for Your Home Office Design
9 Essential Tips for Your Home Office Design

Are you in the same situation? Do you want to have a home office? If you wish to locate it in a small bedroom, annex, or even at the corner of the room: the design of the office plays a significant role.

Before you can create a productive workspace, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, there has been a huge burst in Pinterest home decor tag as many people take their inspiration from there.

You can also create your very own collection and give it a boost in engagements so that it becomes popular on the site, as well as outside, you will never know.

It does not matter whether you spend most of your time in the office or a few hours. The office has to be comfortable and inviting to spend time in.

This will allow you to do your work efficiently.

To create a practical home office design that will look comfortable and amazing, consider these keys tips:

1. Location

Depending on the space you have to make your home office, they come in different shapes and sizes.

You can consider it as a separate room, in your kitchen or even at the corner. So, the location of the office in your home will be a significant factor to consider.

It depends on what you like to do and the role you play in the house. Perhaps you are a busy mom who spends a significant time in the kitchen.

You can use the kitchen desk as your ideal place. But if you are working professionally, pick a place far from distractions.

2. Space

The other vital factor to consider when designing a home office is the space. The office should have enough space that you can work comfortably.

Look for a space that, after you make it to your office, can allow you to move around quickly.

It may seem a no-brainer option, but don’t underestimate the space you need.

You need to ensure the space is enough. To avoid confusion, use the measurements the professional uses and layout the workstation.

3. Pick a Suitable Desk and Chair

The desk and chair you pick will play a significant role in the design of your office. You need to choose a desk that can fit in the space of your office.

If you have more space, pick a wide desk that can fit your computer and other things you need to work on.

The desk can hold reference materials, in-tray, or space where you can take notes. A good desk should at least be 120 cm wide.

In addition, if you want to work with a laptop, a good desk will be about 150 cm wide to make you comfortable. An acceptable desk should be 75 cm in length.

Lastly, the chair you choose should play a significant role in your workout. Pick a good chair that you find adjustable and comfortable.

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4. Storage and Shelving

When designing a home office, storage is something most people overlook. You have to ensure you include enough shelving, cupboards, or filing cabinets for storage purposes.

You need to consider your workflow. This will help you create good shelves depending on things that come in and where they stay.

Keep your work at your arm’s reach. Ensure you can locate the filing system at ease. Also, remember the reference materials to keep them in a place you can access them at ease.

5. Meeting Place

Do you plan to get clients in your office? If you have enough space in the room, you can set a small meeting.

However, you can plan for additional seating in the office design. This will create a good meeting position.

You can make it simple. Use 1 – 2 comfortable chairs, and you will find them easy to pull from your desk.

6. Lighting

In your home office, lighting is something else worth considering. You can choose an area having natural lighting and gives you a better view.

You have to position your desk in an area where you are facing the windows. Another place to put it is an area where too much lightning will not affect your computer screen.

Having translucent windows or blinds will help you reduce any glare or darkening of the room.

Moreover, you can choose to enhance the natural lighting in the office using a mirror. Also, paint your walls a bright colour.

Installing an overhead ceiling light provides you with good lighting. The same thing can be done using open-top floor lamps, and you can place them in the corner of your room.

7. Tame the Technology

It would work best to have a neat office. If you have wires that hang from your desk but continue to run everywhere, it will make the home office look cluttered or less organized.

This is the reason to tame the technology and make the home office look much better.

To do that, hide the desk codes and control your technology. You can do that with these tips:

  • Use a wireless router. This will help to reduce the number of wires you will need.
  • On your office desk, add a grommet that leads the wires below the desk.
  • Invest in wireless gadgets in the office. Some of these include a wireless mouse and a wireless printer.
  • Use a simple cord tamer to put together the loose wires on the floor.
  • If there is a visible wire, attach it to the underside of the desk or let it move down along your desk leg.

8. Personalize and Accessorize

Having a home office doesn’t mean you sacrifice style. A good thing about working at home is that you choose what you want. So, you can make it the best.

You can opt to match the office using the home style and design. Look at things that inspire you. These could be collections of objects, favourite artwork, paint colours, and more.

9. Create a Floor Plan

You need a floor plan to help you organize your thoughts and cover all the bases. If not sure what to do, create an easy one online.

Try different furniture until you find one that best fits. Design the complete office before shopping for items.

If ready to adopt 3D features, it is simple to upgrade.

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