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8 Living Room Ideas on A Budget

In your house, the living room could be the most used space. You need to ensure it stands out and looks good for visitors and people living in the house.

You may think that creating a beautiful living space is expensive. It sounds like a big project, but in fact, it does not need to cost you a fortune.

Even when you are under a tight budget, you can make a few cheap designs and be outstanding.

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8 Living Room Ideas on A Budget

You just have to invest in quality furniture to give the room a fresh but homey aesthetic.

If you can do a few tweaks in your colour scheme, furniture layout and decorative accessories will bring a huge difference without tanking your savings account.

Before we tell you more, to achieve this, the advice is to take inspiration from Pinterest, as does everybody nowadays.

Home decor is huge over there. Create a collection of your favourite repines and consider the third party platform to help give the engagement a boost so that others can see it too.

Other Than That, Consider These Living Room Ideas on a Budget:

1. Use Natural Elements

Adding natural elements to your living room design will be cheap and make the room beautiful. Under natural elements we mean plants.

The good thing with plants is that you can find them at affordable prices and they can be easy to maintain.

Check for colourful foliage or exciting leaf shapes that can help you bring extra life to your living room.

You can try to place a potted plant on the coffee table and make it serve as the centrepiece. If not, you can try to fit it in the corner of the room.

A living room should have natural lighting. If it lacks lightning, your plant care is likely to go to waste. In such a situation, go for realistic-looking faux plants.

You can use dried stems and natural grasses as part of your cheap living room ideas. These are easy to get your hands onto.

Gather them from your house backyard and use them as a free-living room decoration. When placed in the vase, use them to create a natural arrangement.

2. Paint the Living Room

Painting the room with new paint will help transform the room. Paints are budget-friendly options for the refreshment of your living room, and you can easily do it through DIY decorations.

If you want to pain, do it on the walls, refresh the beat-up floors, and on the flea market furnishings.

Additionally, choose wall colours that can improve mood to complement the current style and furnishings of your living room.

3. Rearrange Your Living Room Furniture

Another room design on a budget is to rearrange the living room. This will be an affordable way to refresh the living room with things you already have.

Purge your living room of those items that don’t belong and rethink your furniture arrangements.

You can ask your friend or family member to help move the furniture around until you get a visually pleasing layout.

In addition, you need to arrange the chairs and sofas properly into groupings such that they are conducive to conversation.

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4. Personalize Living Room Decor

Make your living room look more extra special by incorporating the items reflecting your cherished memories, hobbies, and travels.

By doing so, you should display framed genealogical charts, ancestral portraits, photo collages, favourite places, and more.

You can also hang signage or letters referencing the family surname or initials as cheap living room decor.

Look for thrift items, hand-me-downs, and family heirlooms to keep your living room decoration on a budget.

5. Splurge the Room Decor Strategically

If you employ expensive materials in the living room in a meaningful way it will allow you to enjoy fine things – and still be on a budget.

In other words, you can display a fancy wallpaper in the living room’s focal wall or even as a patterned backdrop on your built-in shelves.

You can also invest in an accent chair or leather sofa. For this, you can pair it with a cheap coffee table.

Lastly, create pillows that can showcase brocades, pricey silks, and velvets are not inexpensive fabrics but a little goes a long way.

6. Bold Up the New Furnishings

Another way to create a stylish and attractive living room cheaply is to employ a few statement pieces.

You should purchase those furnishings that catch an eye with finishes and fabrics, bold pops of colour, and silhouette.

To do this, you should have a few dramatic elements like a colourful rug and pieces of art on the wall.

These will help you create a stir. You have to pair them with versatile upholstered pieces, neutral walls, subtle accents, and low-key window treatments.

These will help to bring a contrasting effect to your living room.

7. Repurpose or Thrifted decor

In this type of budget-friendly design, you can search at antique shops, flea markets, thrift stores, and estate sales for people selling inexpensive room decor.

You can uniquely repurpose these items and create functional furnishings.

Another option is to cut your old table legs if you have one. Craft it to make a rustic coffee table.

The other way is to use an antique ladder to display and store throw blankets.

You can brush up the upholstering or use your sewing skills to update your old furniture with new slipcovers or upholstery.

8. Layer Living Room Rugs

A living room will look good when you use the rugs. You can find affordable rugs that will look amazing in your house from all styles at discounted home shops, big box stores, or home improvement centres.

You need to use inexpensive and straightforward aesthetics having rugs to be on a budget. This will help to give your living room a new face at a cheap cost.

9. DIY Living Room Art

You can choose to paint the canvas art with your design to have an affordable decor idea.

Try to use the blank canvases and paint them. You can then place them above your sofa or mantel.

Pick paints that are in your favourite hues. Use to brush them to cool geometric shapes or splatter the colours randomly.

If you considered a less abstract art, it would work best to use your canvases as bases for stencilled motifs, painted images, or crafting remnants.

The Bottom Line

It is easy to give your living room a new look on a budget. If you look at the above design options, you can find something suitable for you.