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Reasons to Use Artificial Plants in Sydney Homes

Artificial plants which may also be called fake or faux plants are emulations of real ones.

They are usually made of synthetic materials like polyester and silk instead of growing them naturally.

They are used for residential as well as commercial decorations and may also occasionally be used scientifically.

image - Reasons to Use Artificial Plants in Sydney Homes
Reasons to Use Artificial Plants in Sydney Homes

Typically, fakes plants are lifelike in that they are indistinguishable from original ones when one looks at them.

However, some may still be recognized as such especially when they are felt by the hand.

Common materials for making them include silkworm cocoons, wax, rice paper, painted linen, colored feathers, etc.

Polyester remains the most used material for making these plants as most of them are made with polyester fabric. You can learn more about this here.

Natural plants are beautiful to behold when used for the interior decoration of a home but they require lots of attention.

You need to put them in a pot or vase, water them, trim them and also ensure they get enough light. You need to maintain them regularly to ensure that they survive.

Dealing with natural plants can be an expensive and time-consuming venture so many people turn to artificial ones instead.

They are not as expensive to purchase as natural ones neither do they require maintenance. You may place them anywhere you desire and they do not die.

Plants generally help to beautify your surroundings whether they be artificial or natural.

Before now, most people preferred natural flowers as artificial ones were of low quality. They usually looked cheap and become frayed after a while.

Thankfully, technology has brought about an improvement. Now when you look at and touch them, you can hardly distinguish them from natural ones.

They may even be made to smell as such. They can also resist fading and withstand most weather conditions.

Advantages of Artificial Plants Over Natural Plants

If you are looking to decorate your home with flowers, you may be torn between choosing natural plants and artificial ones.

To help make the decision easier, you can find below reasons to use artificial flowers.

You Can Put Them Anywhere

Natural flowers require light and therefore have to be placed closed to the window or other natural light sources.

This is not so for artificial plants. You can put them just about anywhere you desire. They do not require light neither do they get affected by the weather be it winter or summer.

Too much heat or lack of adequate lighting will kill a natural plant but artificial ones will survive even the toughest conditions.

They can be placed in rooms and spaces around the home, offices, or any building. They may also be used as decorations at any event.

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They Require Little or No Maintenance

Tending to natural plants is very demanding. Asides from the fact that they are expensive to purchase, you still need to care for them often. They also require controlled conditions to survive. They must be planted in soil and must have just enough sunlight and water. Too much or too little of these and they will die.

Fake plants on the other hand do not require all these. You may only need to clean them occasionally to rid them of dirt and dust.

This makes them ideal for busy people who desire to have flowers around but do not have enough time to tend them.

They Do Not Cause Allergies

Natural flowers are beautiful but they come with a lot of baggage. One of these is that they can cause allergic reactions in people who suffer from allergies

For such people, artificial flowers are a good alternative.

They do not come with pollens, have pungent smells, or carry any allergen that may result in allergies.

Therefore, they can be used in beautifying your surroundings without any adverse effect on you or your health.

They Can Be Used Creatively

When you need to get creative, natural flowers can be quite difficult to work with. They are delicate and may break, wither, wilt or even dry off.

Not so artificial ones, they give you the freedom to express yourself. You can twist them and work with them in any way you please.

You may even use them as a bouquet, garlands and as backdrops for as long as you want.

They will not wither or get damaged. They will also maintain their appearance. You will find some more benefits of these plants here http://tlcliteracy.org/benefits-of-artificial-plants/.

Using Artificial Plants

Artificial plants may be used in a variety of ways which you will find below.

Beautify Your Landscape

You can use faux flowers around the landscape of your building and its surroundings.

Much as you will place natural ones, you can also use fakes. You may drape them on walls, put them in vases or pots and place them at strategic points around your house.

Make Your Entrance Colorful

You can make the entrance to your home alluring by lining it with faux flowers.

You may begin from your walkway or driveway all the way to your front door to even inside your home.

You may use different colorful flowers and place them on either side of the driveway to form a beautiful and welcoming symmetry.

Make Your Windows Attractive

Windows are great places to put your fake flowers. You may put them in a vase or box and place them on your window sill or just below it.

They will help to make your home colorful and complement it.

Beautify Your Pool Side

As mentioned earlier, artificial flowers can withstand most conditions. They do not get damaged even by chemicals present in pool water.

Therefore, they can work as a suitable addition in beautifying your poolside.

If you are looking to know more, you can visit this artificial plants’ Sydney page to learn more and also buy your flowers.


Plants are a great addition to any space. They help to beautify and make the space colorful and attractive.

They are also good for event decorations especially for weddings and bridal showers.

Although natural flowers are good, they are expensive and delicate to work with. Artificial ones are available and can be used as a viable alternative to them.

They give you room to be creative and expressive. They are also affordable and require little maintenance.

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