Weather conditions are getting more and more unpredictable as the years go by.

The remarkable effect of climate change and pollution by large companies has created havoc in our environment, and regular people have to pay the price.

Bad weather conditions are becoming more and more severe and are settling in faster and without warning.

image - 5 Things to Prepare for Any Impending Weather- Related Crisis

5 Things to Prepare for Any Impending Weather- Related Crisis

Inclement weather conditions can spell disaster for your home. Thankfully, we do get some warnings by the government ahead of any natural disaster, giving people some time to prepare for the worst.

However, preparing for a catastrophe depends entirely on what kind of event you are facing – is it a tornado, a flood, or a wildfire?

Different events need different types of preparedness, and you should know what you’re in for when you are warned.

That is why it is always advisable to keep an eye on the weather. The new website updates the weather using the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology for accurate results.

You can use it to watch out for warnings and emergencies.

Let’s take a look at some general things you can stock up on to stay prepared!

Water and Filters

One of the first things to go when bad weather events hit is the water supply. This can be catastrophic, especially when there is a drought or a cold-weather event like a snowstorm.

Water can freeze in pipes and burst, leading to your home without any access to potable drinking water.

If there is heavy snowfall or rain that accompanies the event, you might be unable to head to the store.

For situations like these, you should have an emergency supply of bottled water in your basement when there is a forecast of adverse weather.

It would ensure you and your family don’t have to panic if the water supply gets interrupted.

Along with this, you can also stock up on portable water filters that can turn any water into potable water and a small gas stove where you can boil water as well.

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Along with water, electricity is another public utility that gets easily interrupted in bad weather events.

This is especially true when there are hazards like wildfires that cut off the electric supply to your area, and repairs will take time since the entire zone is unsafe.

To keep you and your family out of the darkness, you should invest in a wide range of emergency lights for different purposes.

For example, you will need 360-degree lighting for the room you are in to continue activities post-sunset.

You will also need smaller lights if anyone needs to visit the bathroom or move around in the house.

You can also keep fairy lights since they take very little energy and light up a large space. Along with lights, don’t forget to stock up on batteries!


Most authorities give a short window of warning before bad weather events hit. Thus, when they announce the public hazard, there will be a massive rush at the stores to stock up on emergency supplies.

Unless you are keeping tabs on the weather using the new website, you should keep a small stash of emergency food in your home.

Many people buy army rations for this purpose. Army rations are packed with nutritious food that includes a means to heat the items and utensils to eat the food with.

They are excellent, reasonably priced options to buy. You can also buy canned food since they last the longest, along with dried or dehydrated rations.

Shelter Supplies

In a disaster like a hurricane or even a flood, you might find yourself without a roof over your head.

In such cases, you and your family must find some sort of shelter to avoid serious medical conditions like hypothermia and shock.

Emergency shelter supplies are always a great investment since you can also use them when you go camping!

Regular camping supplies will do in this case. You should buy a reliable, sturdy tent along with sleeping bags for each of your family members.

Remember to check these for holes and other defects regularly if you don’t use them.

Insects and rodents can get into the boxes you use for storage and render these unusable if you aren’t careful.


Whenever a disaster strikes, one of the most overworked aspects of emergency teams in the medical wing.

People can get hurt and need assistance in so many different visible and invisible ways that they might suffer severe consequences without timely treatment.

Even minor issues like a cut can get infected and lead to sepsis if left untreated.

This is why you need to have a well-stocked emergency medical first aid kit. This should be a more extensive one than you usually use for your home.

Here, you should keep a few courses and different kinds of antibiotics, antivirals, and pain medication.

Include supplies for wounds and bites, and include some sterile bandages as well.