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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Mountain Property

There is no life as peaceful as the one in the mountains. Once in their lifetime, everyone wishes to move to the hills when they retire and have a cozy little house with a lovely fireplace and a simple lifestyle.

The views from those houses are unparalleled. Life is very easy-going, there is constant fresh air, and the younger ones can always go for little hiking trips.

However, it is not as effortless and straightforward as it looks. There are plenty of challenges that one might face if they plan to buy mountain property.

image - Everything You Need to Know About Buying Mountain Property
Everything You Need to Know About Buying Mountain Property

So if you are someone who wishes to buy such property, such as the Montana land for sale, here is everything that you need to know about buying a mountain property.

1. Complex Commuting

Even though living in the mountains can seem idyllic from the outside, it often means the commute can be restricted.

There is limited access to the highways and it may take you a good 20-30 minutes to reach the main roads leading to the marketplaces.

Especially during stormy and lousy weather seasons, it can get quite challenging and become a nuisance for people to travel.

So, if you are someone who mainly works from home, this kind of living may be more convenient for you as compared to the people who have daily ups and downs to do.

2. Frequent Power Outages

If you want to live in the mountains, you need to be prepared for the frequent power outages that occur. That means having an extra set of batteries, flashlights, and candles.

You must also be prepared to store excess water and have a propane tank for cooking in times of outages.

Power outages in mountainous regions can last up to 5 days, so organization and preparedness are vital. So, to power up your internet, cable, phone lines, and refrigerators, add a generator at home.

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3. Land Issues and Natural Disasters

Landslides, mudslides, and falling trees are pretty common in sloping areas. These things can create complex commuting and also put your house at risk.

Also, mountain areas can have a lack of sunlight and reduced air circulation most of the time, due to which mold can form on your house walls and can be very problematic for you.

Mudslides are also quite prominent, and therefore, you need to locate your house away from the downslopes. French drains can help derive water away from home, which will help you be prepared for natural disasters like floods.

4. Home Improvements and Additional Costs

If you plan to buy a mountain property, you need to consider the kinds of home improvements and all the additional costs that may come along with it.

That includes adding or replacing a septic tank or a well, a solar system for some extra sunlight in the house, being prepared for a snowstorm, and sometimes, investing in a snowmobile.

Another additional cost that you may need to consider is the high insurance amount, assuming the house is located in the mountains.

Over and top of that, you will have to take additional insurance for flood and fire. If you live in a resort space, you may even have to pay a premium for that property.

5.  Recurrent Communication Breakdowns

Cell service is often deficient in mountain regions. And due to the frequent power outages, there is a high chance that the internet service, cable, and phone lines will not work either.

Having a generator at home can often help these lines work in case they have not been damaged. In the absence of it, you will need to figure out how to communicate otherwise.

6.  Neighbors are Friends

The one thing that you need to know while living in the mountains is that your neighbors must be your friends.

You may need them quite a lot if you have newly started to live in the mountains, so make sure you take a stroll around the neighborhood in the evening and strike a conversation with them.

Your neighbors can be an indispensable source of information for you. They will be comparatively more familiar with the lifestyle, rules, and regulations of the place and can guide you through it initially.


Mountain living can be pretty fun and comes with its own beautiful perks. However, there are also many complications that you may have to face emotionally, physically, and financially, so you might want to be prepared.

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