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Everything You Need to Know When Moving a Hot Tub

Moving is not easy; especially when you have a lot of valuables in your house. This includes antiques and even hot tubs.

In this case, you will not only resolve in finding movers but movers with certain specialties. And if you have a hot tub, then you will be looking for hot tub movers.

There are definitely many moving companies you can find online and offline. But even so, you have to make sure you get the best one in services and in prices.

This comes down to your research. Here is a little breakdown of how you should go about your research;

image - Everything You Need to Know When Moving a Hot Tub
Everything You Need to Know When Moving a Hot Tub
  • First, you want to find a couple of movers and compile them. Here, you are just finding the names of the companies you’d potentially want to work with.
  • The best way to find the names of these companies is by asking for recommendations and referrals from people you know and trust.

Whether it is a family member or a colleague at work, have them give you a short review of the services they use and if they would recommend it.

  • Google is the biggest search engine; you can also use it to find companies. Use just about anyone that you want.

When you type in your search query, you can go with the first three companies and shortlist them.

  • The last step is to now filter out and remain with the best. This is where you consult with the companies you short-listed to find the one that best suits your requirements.

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Moving a Hot Tub, Yourself

This is the least recommended of all. Moving a hot tub, yourself is not the best option. There are a lot of risks and things at stake here. Think about this;

  • The Dangers

Your hot tub is not something you will just pick up, wrap up, and box up. First of all, it is heavy; so, one wrong move can cost you dearly.

It is also a valuable and expensive item, meaning you wouldn’t want to damage it in any way while trying to load it into your truck.

  • The Time

Moving a hot tub is time-consuming. You actually have to prepare it for the move. Now, if you are a busy person and even if you manage to just squeeze in a few hours to move, not involving a moving company is not your best option.

Think about all the hustles that will come with loading, moving, offloading, and even making sure it is placed where it should be in your new home.

  • Equipment

Equipment is another challenge that you might have if you decide to move the hot tub yourself. What you need might not be your ordinary tools in your little toolbox.

Some of the equipment may include some furniture dollies, wood pieces, moving straps, and more.

  • The Basic Knowledge

Now, even if you manage to ask two of your friends over to help, you still are not professional hot tub movers.

So, some basic knowledge would be needed. If you don’t have any planning and do not prepare well for it, you will just end up getting frustrated, suffering damages, and incurring higher costs.

How Much it Costs to Move a Hot Tub

There is no price that fits all when it comes to cost so there is not a definite price tag for it. A lot of things come to play when it comes to how much it will cost you to move your hot tub.

This includes the weight of the hot tub, manpower, distance, and even time (hours).

Most moving companies charge by the hour and manpower. But you have to know that different companies have different policies and payment terms.

It also depends on your requirements and consultations with the company. So, the best way to get the best price is to find the best company that would suit your needs best and offer you quality services.

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