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6 Ways to Beautifully Integrate an Outdoor Hot Tub

Most proprietors and homeowners lack inventiveness when it comes to integrating an outdoor hot tub, albeit an inflatable one.

However, there are certain ways to form an organized and appealing outdoor design while relishing every bit of your time in a hot tub.

I mean getting soaked in a bubbling outdoor hot tub is undeniably one of the greatest pleasures of life.

To be honest, integrating a hot tub that can accommodate 500-600 hundred gallons of water into your backyard’s landscape is an intimidating task but one worth undertaking.

If you want the benefits of owning a hot tub but want to reduce your bills and help the planet, why not choose the eco option and make your hot tub wood-fired?

If you are intended on handling this process on your own instead of seeking any professional help then I suggest you stay tuned.

As in this article, we shall learn how to beautify an outdoor hot tub with flawless integration in 6 easy methods.

1. Proper Placement

Hot tubs are one of the best relaxation areas so you must place your tub carefully, and away from your neighbor’s prying eyes.

One placement tip is to make use of existing walls and railings of your yard to hide as many sides of your tub as possible.

Be sure to cover the tub with wood (especially if walls are involved) before installation as this will provide a more intimate feel.

2. The Focal Point of Your Backyard

image - The Focal Point of Your Backyard

With hot tubs there are plenty of designs and shapes, so make sure that you find the best inflatable hot tub, as your tub has the potential to be the jewel of your backyard.

One option that you have is to put the tub underneath, but one needs to be careful with the installation.

The thing is if you place your tub far away from the home it complicates the drainage system. So it is better if you hire some professional assistance while doing so.

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3. Go for a Sundeck

Tubs require covers and most of the covers are horrifying (you know I am right), so how about a cover that doubles as a sundeck?

Oftentimes hot tub owners choose to just lay back and relax under the summer sun. So for such folks having a sundeck will not only bring the obvious functional advantages but also the aesthetics perks.

Speaking of sundecks, having a semi-circular one will offer the desired effects most conveniently and economically.

4. An Out-an-out Spa

Who doesn’t love the spa, and if you are thinking about having one with a hot tub then try surrounding it with an outdoor room. For the enclosure, you can use a fiberglass door.

Having a small set of furniture like chairs, table, a minibar (you can get creative with Ikea trays), and lastly a small wooden closet for the towels, can make the whole thing worthwhile.

While building a spa be sure to construct a deck around your hot tub.

5. Hide it in Plain Sight

image - Hide it in Plain Sight

With that, I don’t mean with leaves and stuff as if you are hiding your ride in enemy territory. There are plenty of options when it comes to custom-built spas but you can do a couple of things with your hot tub as well.

Let’s say you are eyeing a royal enclosure that is honestly perfect for a hot tub.

For that, the most important aspect is the fabrics, once you settle with that go for some candles (big ones), few torch lights to place around the hot tub, and some fancy plants.

These simple tweaks will turn your bland hot tub enclosure into a sleek masterpiece.

6. Covering

Tubs are huge in size, which means it has a lot of surface area to cover as well. It’s not going to be easy if you have to flip the cover over the tub after use, as it tends to be mushy and heavy.

Rolling covers is the answer to this predicament as these covers slide easily over the surface. Having a deck around the spa would make it a lot easier to roll the cover underneath.

So when the tub is inactive the cover just blends in and becomes a part of the deck.


Sadly, many homeowners lack creativity, some just choose not to be innovative when an inflatable hot tub is in question.

I hope you are not one of them so follow these design ideas mentioned above to turn your backyard into a relaxation haven.

After all, anything can be turned into an exquisite masterpiece as long as one knows the right décor choices.

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