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6 Factors to Consider Before Getting a Wall Bed

The average studio apartment is under 600 square feet and when you’re in a big city like New York or L.A., it’s likely much smaller.

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6 Factors to Consider Before Getting a Wall Bed

If you need to make some space in your room, a Murphy bed is a fantastic solution – but how do you know which one to get?

A wall bed is a great way to save space in a small room or studio apartment. Today, we’re going to tell you 6 factors that you need to consider when picking a wall bed.

With so many options available, you need to know how to separate them, so keep reading and you’ll soon have a comfortable bed to call your own.

1. Space in the Room

The first thing you should be thinking about is the amount of space you have in the bedroom or studio.

A wall bed is a good addition when you have to be economical with the square footage that you have, but they have specific space requirements.

You’ll have two wall bed options – ones that fold down vertically or horizontally. What type of room you have will help you decide which is best? Measure the floor and wall space so that the folded-down bed doesn’t impede your movement in the room.

2. Storage Concerns

You gain a lot of storage space by purchasing a wall bed. Some of them will fold into a single cabinet, while others may have several small storage cabinets built within. Some Murphy beds even have desks built into them.

If you need extra storage or want to maximize your space, make sure to look at the options that come with extra storage.

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3. Mattress Comfort

Any time you’re purchasing a new bed, you need to make sure the mattress is comfortable enough to sleep on every night.

Wall beds generally have smaller mattresses to accommodate folding up into a cabinet. That’s not to say that they can’t be comfortable, however.

Look at online ratings and reviews to figure out which mattress provides the most support and comfort.

4. Fold-Down Mechanism

Most people that live in small apartments will be folding their wall beds up in the morning and down at night every day.

You need to make sure that the mechanism is ingenious enough to handle these repetitive motions. The last thing you want is a broken Murphy bed in your apartment.

5. Logistics for Installation

Wall beds require a certain amount of space and wall strength for installation. Most models are easy enough to set up by yourself, but if you’re not confident, it might be better to hire someone to put your bed together for you.

6. Seller Reputation

If you want to get the best new bed on the market, then you need to look at the reputation of different Murphy bed companies.

For instance, Wilding Wallbeds makes hand-crafted, high-quality, made-to-order Murphy beds out of real wood. As one of the most reputable wall bed companies out there, you know you’re getting a bed that is both special and unique.

Get the Best Wall Bed for Your Room

Now that you know what to consider when choosing a wall bed, you can find the best one for your room.

Having a wall bed is going to make your room more economical and give it a minimalist flavor. Don’t hesitate to make your apartment more functional ASAP. If you enjoyed this, come back for more real estate and home tips.