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Perks of Owning a Wall Bed

The Murphy bed or a wall bed is a humble, innovative piece of furniture designed to fold up into a wall. It’s the ideal furniture for a small living space, or an office or guest room. If you’re not sleeping in the bed, you can just easily fold or tuck it away to give more space to your room.

Murphy beds have been around since the turn of the 20th century. As you have guessed, the Murphy bed or wall bed is named after William Murphy, the man who invented it. Murphy designed a bed that could easily be folded into a closed.

It was believed that he drew inspiration from the lack of space in his small studio apartment. Murphy then went on to patent his product and build the Murphy Wall Bed Company in 1911.

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Perks of Owning a Wall Bed

Wall beds have come a long way in terms of style, design, functionality, and safety. They are particularly useful in smaller living spaces. Below are some things you need to know about Murphy beds as well as the benefits you can get from getting one.

Are Murphy Beds Comfortable?

They can be, but the comfort level you can get out of this kind of bed depends on the mattress. Many options let you purchase the bed and mattress separately so you can customize it to your body type and sleep preference.

What Must You Know Before Choosing a Murphy Bed?

If this is your first time, it would be wise to measure your space to make sure that your wall bed will fit. More often than not, shoppers focus on a Murphy bed’s height and width when tucked away but fail to realize that it has different measurements when it’s unfolded for use.

You also need to consider the two major types of Murphy beds: Wall-mounted and free-standing.

Just like their names suggest, wall-mounted Murphy beds are usually attached to the wall (or the floor). This requires a little more effort when it comes to installation, while the freestanding ones do not.

Wall-mounted beds are sturdier, but the free-standing ones are great for people with less permanent living situations, such as renters.

Benefits of Owning a Murphy Bed

Whether you’re a professional living in a small apartment space or perhaps an empty-nester planning to switch up the look in your suburban home, Murphy beds provide many benefits. They are as follows:

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  1. Saves You a Lot of Space

In condominiums and tiny apartments, wall beds can be very useful because they require very little space. Even if you have a lot of space to spare, a space-saving Murphy bed can be very convenient.

If you need additional space in your room, all you have to do is to tuck the bed away when you’re not using it.

  1. User-Friendly and Safe to Use

Murphy beds are designed and engineered with safety locks that keep the bed in place on the floor and the wall. Piston and springs can provide easy lifting so you can be sure that even when you’re alone at home, you can easily lift and release your bed.

  1. Helps You Sleep Comfortably

Improvements in the design of Murphy Beds now allow you to use a variety of mattresses, ranging from innerspring to memory foam. Mattress sizes can vary as well, ranging from twin to king and everything else.

Murphy bed mattresses are usually thinner compared to traditional box springs, but there are other options you can use that can give you a good night’s sleep.

  1. Multi-functional Designs

A Murphy bed can be easily designed as a bed cabinet or can also come with shelving, tables, drawer space, or desk space. Think about how you plan on using the room then decide on the wall bed style with the functionality you need.

If you live in a small apartment or a house with limited space, a wall bed equipped with a fold-out table can be converted into an eating space.

If you plan on converting a guest bedroom into an office, a wall bed with a desk will provide you with a place to work and carry out tasks, and space for guests to sleep during sleepovers or visits.

  1. Available in Designs that Compliment Your Décor

Apart from providing several functions, Murphy Beds also come in a variety of aesthetic designs. They can come in traditional styles using deep cherry or mahogany wood to contemporary styles using lighter woods.

You can also customize wall bed options to suit the color scheme of the room as well as your furniture style preference. There is even a murphy bed style that comes with a cabinet and does not require overhead space

  1. Increases Your Home’s Value

Even when you decide to move out to a new home with a bigger space, wall beds will keep providing value. When it’s time for you to move, interior decorators can easily disassemble the wall bed and move it to your new residence, where they can reassemble it.

Or if you decide to leave the wall bed behind, you can add its value to the resale value of your home or apartment. Not only are you able to maximize the space in your home, but you’re also able to maximize its value—such a huge win!

  1. Easy on the Budget

Another huge advantage to Murphy beds is that they are economic and easy on the budget. This means that you can get a bed and maximize the free space you require for your room when needed at a cheap and affordable price. In fact, Murphy beds tend to be cheaper than regular beds on the market.


With all the advantages you can get out of a wall bed or a Murphy bed, it simply makes sense to get one especially when you need more space at home. It will not only complement your home’s décor but is also convenient when you need more space and can also add to the value of your home.

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