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Factors for Choosing the Right Stone for Your Kitchen

A stylish kitchen having an exquisite interior would not let you take your eyes off (at least, I can’t stop myself praising a stylish kitchen).

Since there are so many choices and ways to make a kitchen picture-perfect, the homeowners often get stuck in choosing the right stone for their kitchens.

image - Factors for Choosing the Right Stone for Your Kitchen
Factors for Choosing the Right Stone for Your Kitchen

Some factors decide which is the right stone for your kitchen.

Some homeowners prefer using natural stones such as marble or granite for kitchens, while others will use man-made stones, glass, or metal to refurbish their kitchen countertops.

Every material comes with its pros and cons and it becomes quite overwhelming to select the right stone for the kitchen.

But in this sample, I have covered your back. I have compiled a list of key factors that directly affect your choice of the right stone for your kitchen.

So, let’s explore:

1. Manner of living

At first, you may need to ask yourself what is your lifestyle? Do you love cooking? Or every MasterChef episode intrigues you to try a new recipe? If yes then it means you spend a lot of time in your kitchen.

So choose granite over marble. Granite is more durable and can last for longer.

But if you are a workaholic or have no children around and spend little time in your kitchen, then marble is the right stone for your kitchen (my unbiased opinion).

Access the usage of a kitchen in your particular way of living before finalizing the right material.

2. Durability

As I have mentioned earlier that you can choose between natural stones and artificial stones for your kitchen. Whatever the choice you made, the installation must offer you long-term durability.

If your kitchen has heavy traffic, then you may need a material that can resist heat, scratches, and chipping. And man-made stones can serve you the best.

But if you want to strict your choice on choosing the natural stone for your kitchen, go ahead. Natural stone countertops are also good at handling heat and scratches.

You just require sealing your kitchen countertops seldom for their durability.

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3. Maintenance

A neat and tidy kitchen with sparkling countertops always made my day. The maintenance is the key. The natural stones require more maintenance because they are porous.

You need to put a lot of energy and time to keep granite or marble countertops intact. Further, they also need proper sealing against stains.

Likewise, marble is more porous than granite and requires more maintenance. You must check the seal of marble after every 6-8 months.

On the other hand, engineered materials such as stainless steel or quartz need less maintenance. They are non-porous and easier to maintain.

Perhaps, that’s why the kitchens in restaurants are built with artificial material. You may need to buy the best commercial pressure washer to maintain a stainless steel kitchen.

It’s your habits that will keep your kitchen maintain. It would be fair that you should get as many tools and appliances for maintaining the glory of your home or restaurant kitchen.

4. Budget

After knowing which material best suits your kitchen’s requirement, you must know your pocket’s size. To bring the best value for your money, you can go for choosing a natural stone kitchen.

With this, you need to hire the services of a professional to install your favourite kitchen.

So don’t overlook the cost factor if you want to bring beauty and glam to your home interior with an ultra-chic kitchen.

Final say

Your kitchen is the epitome of activity and beauty in your home, so it should offer you productivity and style at the same time.

Therefore, make sure that you checklist the above-mentioned factors to choose the right stone for your kitchen.

With a superior-quality material that fits into your budget and proper maintenance, your kitchen is going to astonish every onlooker.

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