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Creating A Beautiful Stone and Wood Kitchen

Gone are the days when the kitchen was just about polished plastic surfaces and designs trending in the 90s. With modernization in mind, designers are now looking forward to trying a stone and wood kitchen combination.

The contrast of wood and stone creates a rustic, cohesive and tailored atmosphere in the modern kitchen. With the warmth of wood and the elegance of natural stones, kitchens are taking over the modern look with grace.

image - Creating A Beautiful Stone and Wood Kitchen
Creating A Beautiful Stone and Wood Kitchen

Using the combination of stones and wood for your kitchen is easier than it sounds. Though it requires more care and maintenance than normal kitchens, their uniqueness and charm is well worth the additional effort.

Here are some ways you can apply to create a beautiful wood and stone kitchen:

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Here are some ways to create a beautiful kitchen:

  • Make use of Stone Bricks

Stone bricks are one of the latest trends used in modern kitchens with a touch of wood cabinets. Interior stone bricks bring a rustic feel to kitchen spaces. In addition, it sets a welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen.

When stone bricks are combined with wooden cabinets in a kitchen, it gives a pretty incredible look to your modern kitchen.

For instance, you can place a wood cabinet against the stone brick wall or add open wood shelves to the brick walls.

Such a combination of stone and wood will enhance your modern kitchen design. Additionally, you can paint interior brick walls with a coordinating color to create a more personalized kitchen.

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  • Black Granite Countertops

Black granite countertops are making a great comeback into modern kitchens. Black granite countertops give a captivating appearance by offering strong durability.

In addition, the black granite countertops with dark wood cabinets and floors give a rustic feel. It even looks luxurious and elegant.

For instance, you can use a wooden brown floor kitchen with dark wood cabinets and black granite countertops. Or, you can put wooden cabinets with black granite countertops and white shelves. It will give your kitchen a modern enhanced look and a welcoming appearance.

  • Tree Columns

Tree Columns look great for wood and stone outdoor kitchens. If logs are really your thing, then using tree columns in your modern kitchen will give you a rustic feel.

Pick a combination of slate countertops, tree columns, and wooden floors. It will give your kitchen a vintage look and looks perfect for your outdoor kitchen plans.

For instance, if you’re creating a farmhouse kitchen, outdoor kitchens look perfect with wooden floors, slate stones, and three columns. It will embrace the surroundings of your stone and wood kitchen.

  • Make use of Marble Stone

The beauty of adding wooden surfaces with stone to your modern kitchen goes beyond textural contrast. Such a combination lets you blend with two different styles and add a hint of traditional, farmhouse, rustic and industrial panache to your luxurious kitchens.

While wood gives your kitchen a natural yet rustic appeal, marble enhances its sophistication with its polished yet incredible look.

For instance, you can combine marble with lighter tones of wood. Or, if you want a more masculine look, go for black marble countertops with dark-grained hardwood.

  • Wood Countertops

Instead of stone countertops, use wood countertops to have an organic and warm landing surface in your kitchen.

Wood countertops are gentle on dishware, wonderfully forgiving, and can absorb the noise of a busy household. Furthermore, it can be revived if damaged, dinged, or stained.

Combine wood countertops with stone shelves in your kitchen to make your kitchen look creative and unique. This combination will make your kitchen look stand out from others. It is an innovative approach towards modern kitchens.

Wood countertops are far less expensive than any other countertops. In addition, it gives an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen by pairing it with natural stones.

  • Wood with a Touch of Red

This creative look would be best for someone who wants to remodel their kitchen the first time. It is an innovative yet decorative approach, and the color scheme looks perfect for a rustic kitchen.

The red hue can come in many accents or add more aesthetic appeal. You can add woodsy settings in the form of cabinets or shelves.

Irrespective of the color hue you choose, this particular combination will provide you with a rustic kitchen that will surely impress you. To give it a more vintage feel, you can add wooden floors or stone bricks to your kitchen.

What to Keep in Mind While Creating A Wood And Stone Kitchen

While each kitchen requirement differs with the homeowners’ taste and expectations, there are some basic things you should consider while choosing the right stone and wood combination for your modern kitchen:

  • Wood is a non-toxic and natural material; it is highly absorbent for stains, scents, and moisture.
  • The paint or finish on any wooden surface can get scratched easily with common accidents or household items. Therefore, choose a wooden surface that is of high quality and maintain it properly.
  • If you are under budget, it is advisable to choose wood for only cabinets or fit the insides available at reasonable prices.
  • When combining stone and wood, make sure that they match and coordinate perfectly with the color hue.
  • Pick a wood color that matches your stone color perfectly—for instance, black granite countertops with dark brown wood cabinets.

Wrapping Up

If you want a kitchen with a rustic and vintage feel, then create them with a combination of wood and stone. Wood gives a warm feeling, and stone gives cold.

By combining them, they can achieve perfect harmony. The Stone and wood kitchen gives a rustic, vintage, and aesthetic appeal to your modern kitchen.

Play with nature! Natural wood is not only for our surroundings. It can be used to enhance the look of our kitchen. Also, it gives us a natural feel at our home. Explore such options and create a kitchen that is creative yet elegant.

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