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How to Choose the Right Marble Countertops for Your Home

The time has come for you to act on an idea you’ve always had for your kitchen: selecting marble countertops.

Maybe you’re doing a full kitchen renovation to finally build your dream kitchen.

Perhaps you’ve just purchased a new home and want to replace the current countertops the previous owners had.

image - How to Choose the Right Marble Countertops for Your Home
How to Choose the Right Marble Countertops for Your Home

Whatever the case may be, using marble countertops might be the best decision that you make as you install new things in your house.

However, there are several things to consider before you install those countertops.

Here are some factors you need to weigh out while you select the type of marble you want.

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  1. Is Marble the Right Fit?

You’ve always known that you wanted a marble countertops for the dream kitchen that you design. That was always part of the plan.

However, now that you have the home and kitchen that you do, there are a few things to consider before installing or even purchasing it.

The first question to ask yourself is will it fit in with the current kitchen that you have? If the countertop is the only thing you’re replacing right now, will it mesh with the rest of the kitchen’s design? Or will it look out of place?

If you’re doing a full kitchen redesign then consider if it gels well with your future layout. Will it match the backsplash that you’ve chosen? Do the cabinets go well with it? Does it look odd with the flooring you’ve decided on?

All of these questions will help you decide if marble is the correct fit for you.

  1. Choosing the Type of Marble

Once you’ve decided that marble countertops make sense for your kitchen, then comes the task of finding the marble that you want… There are more options than one would think.

For example, picking from these marble slab remnants will give you plenty of types to choose from.

You could go with white marble to make the spills it will accrue over time far less noticeable. Going with a darker marble will bring a level of sophistication to your kitchen it wouldn’t otherwise have.

One thing that’s going to be hard to tell is how it will fit with the current lighting in your kitchen. Different marble countertops give off a different shine to them.

Regardless of the hundreds of options that you have to choose from, what it really comes down to is your personal preference.

If you find one that you’re absolutely in love with, that’s the one you should get!

  1. How Porous Is It?

Now that you’ve got a few in mind, you’ll also want to consider how porous the marble is that you’re interested in.

You may be wondering to yourself what does that have to do with anything?

Essentially, a porous marble countertop means that it has very tiny holes and slivers in it from where the marble doesn’t connect or has cracked.

Because of that, any time you spill a liquid on a said marble countertop, you risk having had the liquid fall down those tiny holes. Once that happens, there’s really no way to clean it or absorb it… it’s in the counter for good.

Considering most people are interested in marble for how easy it is to clean, you’ll want to think this through very carefully.

Yes, any marble countertop will allow you the freedom of setting glasses down without a coaster. But you should still consider the integrity of that marble that you’re purchasing. The more compact, the better!

  1. No Two are the Same

One of the most beautiful aspects of marble countertops is the fact that no two have the same exact design on them.

Consider them as an artist’s creation on a blank canvas: you’re the only one that has that unique piece. How amazing is that?

Each marble slab can bring something different out of the room you set it into.

Little things such as the streaks and patterns on your marble can bring the kitchen to life in a way it otherwise wouldn’t be.

Because of that, you’ll want to pay as much attention to the markings on the marble pieces you’re interested in as you pay to the color of it. Put your creative cap on: what do the markings make you feel when you look at them?

  1. Consider the Edging

The last thing to consider, after you’ve chosen the color of marble and found the perfect pattern on it, is the edging of your countertops.

This is the final aspect of making sure your countertop matches the rest of your kitchen’s theme. Be the visionary you always hoped to be and see what edges would look best.

Do your cabinets and appliances have sharp edging and details to them? If so, then using 90-degree corners for your marble countertop would make it fit in perfectly.

Nailing this can even help you get away with the marble’s color not necessarily matching the rest of the colors in your kitchen.

As long as its shape fits with the style of your kitchen, your guests will be able to piece the rest together upon walking into your new kitchen.

Marble Countertops are the Final Touch to Your Dream Kitchen!

Now that you’ve seen all the different ways to customize marble countertops for your kitchen, it’s time to find the right piece for you.

Setting yourself up with marble will give you a reliable and beautiful countertop for many years to come. That alone makes it worth the investment!

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