So many homes come standard with granite countertops that owners need to do something different if they want to stand out.

Granite, even though it’s still recognized as a luxury stone, has essentially become the standard for quality in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s heat and scratch-resistant, and is very durable, so builders turn to granite again and again.

What happens, though, is that the prevalence of granite erodes its luxury. It’s almost expected. People who really want the most exclusive countertops, marble is now the obvious choice.

It’s the most high-end natural stone on the market, and marble countertops illicit images of multi-million-dollar homes and five-star hotel finishes.

image - How You Can Class Up Your Home with Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops

Marble is now the top choice for people looking to make the biggest impression. Here are some tips about how marble can take your countertops up a few notches on the class scale. You can find out more at

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Quality Marble is Hard to Find

Supply and demand have dictated market prices for centuries. Things that are harder to find and purchase command higher price tags. The same is true for countertop design.

Quality marble sourced from overseas is easily the most expensive countertop material for sale. The location of the marble, it’s pattern and veining, color, and thickness all impact its price.

Even basic marble countertops are more expensive than granite, but exclusive marble can cost multiples of the finest granite stone slabs.

How much a homeowner pays for countertops isn’t the point, however, it signifies the lengths they went to in order to create the kitchen or bathroom of their dreams.

Marble is Prevalent in High-End Design

While granite, tile, soapstone, and other countertop materials can look lovely with nice kitchen planning, marble is reserved for the upper echelons of interior design.

Open any design or architectural magazine, and marble will fill its pages.

There’s something about the shades of white and stark veining patterns that bring out the colors and accents in a kitchen.

Marble does a great job of making other parts of the room shine. Designers can make bold choices of finishes, paint colors, light fixtures, cabinetry, and more.

There’s more room to take design risks because of the clean design of the marble acts as an anchor.

Your Countertops Will Probably Never Be Cleaner

The white tones of most marble make cleaning easier. Owners can often spot spills and crumbs more easily on the bright countertop surface, so they’ll be keener to stay on top of tidying up.

Owners should also know that marble is more sensitive to heat and staining than other countertop materials, making them more diligent about maintenance.

It’s unlikely that something will sit on the countertop for days because owners fall in love with the clean, smooth marble surface.

Marble is definitely the top choice for countertops when it comes to class. It’s the best countertop material for owners and builders with few budget concerns and an eye for exclusivity. Marble countertops can elevate any room to a new level of luxury.