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How to Pick Your Ideal Kitchen – General Pointers

The ideal kitchen is generally considered to be a collection of concepts and images. From a stylistic perspective, it can often be multiple inspirations fusing together to create one space. This makes picking the ideal kitchen quite difficult.

To try and make some sense of the sheer volume of different options available to you, let’s take a look at some general pointers for picking the right kitchen.

Hopefully, it becomes a little clearer for people to choose the best kitchen for their needs after they have taken the time to figure out what’s best.

Image - How to Pick Your Ideal Kitchen - General Pointers
How to Pick Your Ideal Kitchen

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Pick a Time Period

One of the first things that you’re going to need to do is to pick a time period for which to base your kitchen. You see, in the past, the kitchen could be a collection of different parts pounds, furniture, cooking utensils, and all had a loose kind of theme, but it was also quite eclectic in its design.

Nowadays, the average kitchen is very smooth, sleet, modern and uniform. Everything looks the same.

So what you need to do is decide whether you want to live in the past or the future. Do you want a more modern kitchen or a kitchen with more period decor? It’s all about picking a style because from that foundation you can lay the groundwork for the design of your whole kitchen.

Creative Inspirations

A lot of kitchens are a series of creative inspirations. You might have seen something in someone’s house that you wanted to replicate, or you might like the work of a particular person.

So whether your inspiration comes from film, books, a kitchen designer like Distinction Kitchens or some other place, striking a balance between outside influences and your own preferences is essential to creating a kitchen you love.

It’s important to try and find creative inspirations which play well together. So, something which pairs well with another concept thematically, or maybe a style choice in another area of the kitchen. If you can figure all this out, then you have a much easier time at creating the dream kitchen for your needs.

Assess Your Needs

At the very beginning of everyone’s kitchen journey, they try and decide what they need. If you haven’t already done so, then now is the best time to try and work out what your needs and requirements are in the kitchen.

Do you need a lot of space? Do you need top of the range cooking facilities? Perhaps a combination of the two? It’s all these little considerations that will have a massive bearing on the type of kitchen you get. But so many just don’t see that.

What we would suggest if you haven’t already done so is sit down and figure out what’s important to you. Look at your current kitchen, and decide what you would change and what you would keep. This can serve as a good basis for picking your dream kitchen. Don’t think about things like money or practicality just yet, but instead, get the basic dream on paper and visualised.


In conclusion, there are a lot of situations where you can get your dream kitchen if you just take the time to work out what’s important to you and what you place an emphasis on.

There are so many different options to think about, and they are all equally relevant. However, it’s very common for people to lose track of what they’re ideal kitchen looks like when confronted with such a massive variety of choices.

You need to examine as many design inspiration and stylistic choices as possible because it will give you the greatest flexibility in picking the ideal kitchen for your needs. Remember, what’s best for you is unique to you, and not anybody else.

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