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Ample Ways to Save Space in the Small Condo Kitchen

One of the most difficult things that you would have to deal with is the small kitchen space. If not properly managed, you would find it extremely difficult to fit in all kitchen utensils. If you happen to face this problem, then this article is for you.

Ample Ways to Save Space in the Small Condo Kitchen
Ample Ways to Save Space in the Small Condo Kitchen

Ample Ways to Save Space in the Small Condo Kitchen

We will look at ample ways in which you can save space at the same time fitting all kinds of kitchen utensils. You will find it interesting to know that solutions to your space problem have been devised.

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You Could Decide to Hang a Pegboard

You would find it interesting to know that your express condos kitchen could contain more than you think. You could decide to place certain items like pots, pans, canisters. Instead of having to place these items on their own, you could use a pegboard. These pegboards are ideal because they add flexibility and they make room for enough space. Also, they could be adjusted as your kitchen need changes.

Make Use of the Top Cabinets

Unknown to most people, the top of their kitchen cabinet can prove to be a fine storage space. You could decide to stash serving platters for special occasions. Also, the storage space on the top of your cabinet allows you to store supplies that you do not need.

You Could Decide to Downsize or Reduce the Size of Your Kitchen Furniture

If you have large furniture’s in your kitchen, one important way you can save space is by reducing the size of your kitchen furniture. For instance, you could decide to reduce the size of your breakfast table in your kitchen. Reducing the size of your furniture would definitely mean that you get more than enough space to place a couple of things in your small kitchen.

You Could Decide to Add a Nestle Table to Your Cabinet

Adding a nestle table to your small condo kitchen would definitely help you create space for your kitchen. These nestle are often times in-built and affords you the opportunity to tuck them away into the cabinet and pull out when needed. This could serve as a shopping surface when needed.

Add Shelves to Your Countertop

For express condos, you could decide to add shelves under the countertop of your kitchen. Placing shelves under the countertop would be a great way to store small kitchen items like cookbooks, magazines, small dishes etc. The real estate under your countertop is a perfect way to create space for small express condos.

The Top of Your Fridge Could Be Put to Good Use

One blogger Rev Weldner put the space on her fridge to good use. She turned the real estate on the top of her fridge as a storage solution. You too could do this to your small kitchen condo. You could use the space on the top of your fridge to store certain cooking utensils like pots, pans as well as other cooking utensils. You could also decide to place dividers to help you cut boards.

Also, you could decide to place magnetic shelves rather than place magnetic freebies. The magnetic rack is capable of holding things from paper towels and saucers. This is an efficient way to create space for your small condo.

Properly Organize Your Cabinets

No one would love to see a disorganized avalanche of cookware, so to avoid this you have to place cabinets. These cabinets are ideal for you as they would help organize your cooking wares into an organized fashion. One of these sets of cabinets is the door racks or the pull-out basket. You could also try out shelf baskets that are able to create more room for other items or utensils in your kitchen.

You Could Decide to Add Cubbies Around Your Transit City Condo

You could decide to add cubbies to the door frame of your transit city condos kitchen. These door frames could be perfect places to store your cooking items like vases, even cookbooks and a whole lot of other cooking items. This is a really ideal place to store cooking utensils and at the same time gives your kitchen this appealing feel.

Small Condo Kitchen
Small Condo Kitchen

You Could Try to Turn Your Kitchen Into a Moveable Island

You will find it interesting to know that not all countertop islands are custom made, others could be multifunctional compact islands that are able to serve various functions. Steel table wheels could prove to be a smart way to store essential cooking materials. These stable wheels happen to be smart options to store vital utensils and also provide you with space to even eat your omelets as you wish.

You Could Mount Pot Racks

This could be a perfect way to create space for your express condos. You could install pot racks where you could store your pans, pots, and skillets.

You Could Decide to Add Stand-alone Shelves

This could be helpful if you have vertical spaces on your kitchen wall. You could design and install a stand-alone shelf and fill them with mugs, saucers, plates and other essential cooking utensils.

Build Your Kitchen Like a High Rise

You could expand you small express condos that is able to organize your kitchen’s counter space by installing in expendables shelves.

To ensure that there is enough space for your small kitchen, you could decide to hang your most needed or essential utensils on the inside of your cabinet.

You Could Use Your Kitchen Window as a Storage

Unknown to most people, their window could be a fine avenue for you to create space for handsome kitchen utensils like; your pans, pot etc. There are tons of hangers that you could place on your kitchen window to offer you the needed space to store vital kitchen essentials.

From this article, we have seen that there are tons of ways you can create ample space for your small kitchen. These tips that are shared here would go a long way to help you design and organize your small kitchen.

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