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Fighting the Climate Crisis: 6 Ways to Go Green

The increase in Earth’s temperature is not completely due to human activity, but the majority of the reasons why we’ve seen an increase in temperatures is due to the choices we make and the lack of commitment to keeping our planet healthy and thriving.

We know the climate crisis is real, but what can we do as individuals to start fighting it?

In the guide below, you’ll find a few things that you can start doing right now to play your part in fighting against the climate crisis. Continue reading to get started!

image - Fighting the Climate Crisis: 6 Ways to Go Green
Fighting the Climate Crisis: 6 Ways to Go Green

1. Switch to Solar Energy

Making the switch to solar energy is a great way to lower your energy bill and reduce emissions.

Although it might seem like a large amount of money to drop at once, it’s a great investment. You can even claim your solar installation on your taxes.

Another great benefit of having solar panels on your home is that it’s an excellent selling point if you ever plan to sell.

2. Purchase Reusable Items

Now is also the perfect time to start shopping for reusable items. Rather than using plastic bags each time your grocery shop brings your own reusable bags.

You should also look for reusable water bottles, straws, and other ways to save on plastic.

When you can reduce your carbon footprint, reuse items, and recycle, when possible, you’ll make an impact.

3. Reduce Your Emissions

Another great way to reduce your emissions is to keep your vehicle at home when you can. Walk, ride a bike, or take public transportation if possible. When you do need to use a vehicle, consider carpooling.

The less fuel you burn, the better for the environment.

4. Plant Trees

Planting a tree will not only provide more oxygen in the atmosphere, but it’ll also absorb carbon dioxide as well.

You can plant a tree in a nearby park, in your own yard, or in the woods and forest.

You should also avoid removing grass and replacing it with turf or concrete. Try your best to keep the green! The greener space you preserve in your neighborhood, the better.

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5. Lower Your Energy Bills

Installing solar panels will help you lower your energy bills, but there are a few other ways you can lower them that won’t require a large purchase.

For example, installing a smart thermostat can help you stay on top of your home’s temperature.

When you’re away, raise or lower the temperature in your home to better match the temperature outside.

You should also unplug any electronics you’re not using and shut off the lights in rooms you’re not in.

6. Shop at Thrift/Consignment Stores

One of the last ways to go green on our list is to shop at thrift stores or consignment stores.

These stores buy used items or accept donated items to then resell. This also helps reduce your carbon footprint by shopping at these stores.

You also never know what unique and interesting items you might find!

You Can Make a Positive Change in the Climate Crisis

Although you may think you can’t make a big impact on the climate crisis, it’s up to you to do your part.

If each person used these helpful tips listed above, then there would be less stress placed on the Earth and its environment.

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