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Quick House Sale – That’s How It Works!

If you want to sell your property promptly, you should avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes.

For this, it is best if you hire a professional such as a broker who will save you a lot of work and also get the best price. Also, note the tips from this article that will help you optimize the sales process.

image - Quick House Sale - That's How It Works!
Quick House Sale – That’s How It Works!

1. Realistic Estimate of The Sales Time

On average, a property sale in Germany takes two to four months to be entered into the land register.

Houses in preferred cities generally have a much shorter sales period than houses in rural areas.

The condition of the property is also decisive: new houses that are ready to move into are much more in demand on the market than properties that still have to be renovated or modernized.

In unattractive locations or unappealing properties, the sale may take longer than 12 months.

In metropolitan areas, however, properties can be sold after a few weeks. Also, you can sell here- we buy house for cash CT.

2. Factors That Favour Faster Sales

The region: Certain locations in Germany are particularly in demand due to their development in the labour market and the associated economic and purchasing power.

There is constant immigration here, which ensures a continuously high demand for living space.

The location: It has a decisive influence on the attractiveness of your property on the market.

Of course, the personal assessment of a good location varies depending on the target group and priorities.

However, certain location criteria have a positive effect on any property valuation, such as:

  • Favourable transport links
  • Good infrastructure
  • Schools and kindergartens nearby
  • Shopping
  • Medical care facilities in the vicinity

If, on the other hand, the property is located near busy roads or in the vicinity of commercial settlements, this hurts the price and the duration of the marketing.

If a property is in a good location, it is usually sold quickly at a good price.

The “right” offer price: A reasonable offer price is crucial for the quick sale of your property. If you put the price of your property too high, you are directly deterring potential buyers.

Conversely, you are giving away cash if you underestimate the achievable price – interested parties are usually well informed about the prices.

A reasonable offer price is between 105 and 110 percent and usually always has a positive effect on the sales price and the time factor.

Our tip: Always allow room for negotiation when it comes to the selling price. If you are willing to make concessions in price negotiations, the home sale can be accelerated. But you shouldn’t sell below value too quickly.

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3. Measures for A Short Sales Period

There are some particularly efficient measures that you can take to reduce the sales time of your property. To do this, tips are below:

Tip 1: Reduce the Sales Time by Hiring a Broker

Anyone who has to sell their property promptly cannot afford to miss out on valuable sales opportunities.

For a quick sales success, the investment of time in the optimal preparation of the house sale is indispensable.

The effort and costs should not be underestimated. In order not to take any risks, you should hire a broker to market the property. Hiring a specialist here has the following advantages:

Good Selling Price

  • A good broker achieves a high selling price.

More Safety

  • A good broker.


  • A good broker sells your property faster.

Tip 2: Have Complete Documents Ready

Missing documents can unnecessarily delay the sale of the house. Put together all the necessary documents such as the floor plan or the building plan of the house in good time.

A current energy certificate is also important. If you already have the documents before you hire a broker, he can create a high-quality synopsis thanks to the complete documentation.

In addition, you can answer any queries from potential buyers faster and more precisely. The documents simplify contract processing so that the sale can be carried out quickly.

Tip 3: Create an Attractive Synopsis

With the help of a broker or on your own, you should start selling real estate by creating an exposé.

This must be effective in advertising and contain all relevant information. Use professional indoor and outdoor shots that show your property in the best possible condition.

Look for nice weather and remove any clues about residents or seasonal decorations. The quality of the photos must also be right.

In the description, you should underline the positive aspects of your property without overdoing it.

Be honest about the shortcomings and don’t hide anything. Clear floor plans and a city map with the existing infrastructure are very helpful here.

If an energy certificate is required for your property, you should provide information on the type of energy certificate, the value of the final energy requirement, the main energy source for heating, the year of construction, and the energy efficiency class in the exposé.

Distribute the document in printed form and as a PDF for e-mails to potential buyers from your contacts.

You can quickly find prospects by creating appealing ads for the newspaper and online real estate marketplaces.

Tip 4: Present the Property from Its Best Side

It is all the more important to present the sales property in an optimal condition. Your goal as a seller should be to get the property in the best condition inside and out.

To do this, you should first clear out the clutter and ensure that it is tidy and clean. Carry out necessary repairs, decorate neutrally but appealingly, and create an atmosphere in which prospective buyers feel comfortable.

Personal furnishings such as photos should be removed.

You need professional photos to present your property. Surveys have shown that the Home Staging an up to 15 percent higher selling price obtained.

This means the appealing and convincing preparation of real estate. So you can include meaningful photos in the synopsis and the online presentation of your property.

In addition, thanks to home staging, it is optimally prepared for visits. The best thing to do is to hire experts from a home staging agency to design your property in such a way that prospective buyers feel directly addressed.

The costs for this are between 1% and 3% of the sales price, which in turn is higher thanks to home staging. The investment is worth it!

Tip 5: Make Sure You Have a Convincing Viewing Appointment

Take the time to prepare and present your property in the best possible way and in a pleasant atmosphere.

To do this, you should tidy up, ventilate thoroughly, paint again if necessary, put fresh flowers on the table, and spread a pleasant scent.

In addition, prepare yourself for the interview and emphasize the advantages of your property.

But don’t hide any shortcomings either. This openness creates trust and can have a positive effect on sales negotiations.

Have all the necessary documents such as floor plans etc. ready in a representative form and have important key data such as the amount of the ancillary costs in your head.

Tip 6: Plan A Speedy Sales Transaction

Even shortly before the sale, you can still ensure that the process runs as quickly as possible.

For a quick home sale, you should secure the solvency of your buyers by asking them for a self-assessment.

Alternatively, there is the option of a credit check for a realistic risk assessment. More details can be found on our website buyer’s check.

It is also helpful to have a thoroughly worked out draft contract. As soon as you have found a suitable buyer for your property, you draw up a sales contract that is to be certified by the notary.

In terms of content, all agreements that you have discussed with the buyer should be found in the sales contract.

Do not do without a notary appointment. Because the notary is a neutral advisory body for both the buyer and the seller who answers your questions.

Due to the great economic importance, it is the task of the notary as an official to advise buyers and sellers independently to avoid serious consequential damage for both sides.

Our tip: Use the services of a good broker to process the sale. He can advise you on the selection of the notary and help you make an urgent appointment at short notice.

4. Optimize the Sales Process

If only a few interested parties respond to the real estate offers, you should take action after four weeks at the latest and check the work of the real estate agent or your measures. Because then you have to optimize the sales process.