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Summer Energy Saving Tips

Every year summer proves to be its usual hot self. While it may be hot it doesn’t need to be expensive. Follow a few of these summer energy tips so you can beat the heat without going broke.

Summer Energy Saving Tips
Summer Energy Saving Tips

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Lowering Your AC

When you are using your AC in the summertime be sure to keep it at around 78 degrees. If you are going out for only a short time keep the aircon on as it uses more energy and water to start back up again than leaving it running.

By doing this you will save up to 3% on your energy bill every time you set it a degree higher. You can use this tactic with ceiling fans to aid in keeping you cool.

Let There be a Draft

Often your home heats up because there is a lack of air circulation floating around. You can open the doors and windows early in the morning before it gets too hot and then again in the evening as it starts to cool down.

This will ensure there is plenty of air flowing through to naturally keep the home cool and not so stuffy. This is a good strategy that works well with ceiling fans to keep the air moving around saving you from needing to use the AC so much.

Block Out the Sun

If you have a room that is in your home and has direct sunlight beaming in, then you need to ensure you are keeping the heat from getting into your home. Sun blocking curtains can be a good idea and work well at keeping the hot sun out.

Window tinting and solar screens are the best way to ensure the sun is completely blocked out of your home. This can save you 20% on your energy bill.

Find Your Green Thumb

Look for the places in your home that get the most sunlight exposure and plant some trees right in the spot. While it may take a few years for the trees to grow to the size of shading your sunny spot it is something to think about now for the future.

Oscillating Fans

Oscillating fans is one of the types of cooling fans, which swings from side to side. They are inexpensive and very popular. They have a stand with the casing that holds the fan’s blades which is what oscillates airs from side to side.

Oscillating fans offer cooler air due to their way of operation and how they distribute air through the room. When the fan rotates it allows for better air circulation throughout the room. Stationery fans only push the air straight in front of them whereas the oscillating fan moves the air around the room.

Don’t let yourself fall into the spot of thinking that you spend more in winter on bills than in summer. Summer can wreak havoc on your bank account just as much. Combine a few of these tips to start your energy-saving summer. With just a few simple actions like blocking out the sunlight and have a few oscillating fans going can not only keep you cool but also save you money.

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