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Use These Amazing Labeling Techniques to Keep Your House Organized

Are you going bonkers because you cannot find what you need? You almost remember keeping that thing somewhere, but now the memory is vague. So vague that you might start looking for it in the wrong places.

But you need to relax because apartment cleaning services in NYC can help you and it can happen to most of us. Constantly looking for that specific item is not going to solve the problem.

Instead, you have to ask yourself some questions. Questions like – why did you lose the item in the first place? did you organize the place properly? If both the questions ring a bell, run your eyes throughout the house.

The custom stickers and labels
Custom Stickers and Labels

If your house is in a big chaotic mess it’s high time you start cleaning and organizing right now. But if your house is clean and you still keep losing things maybe you need some labeling tips.

Yes, only labeling tips can save you from the nightmare of searching for things constantly. So, raise the bar of your organizing game with these amazing labeling techniques. But first, let’s take a look at some of the labeling tools.

Labeling Tools

  1. Label Mania: It is a machine that will help you label everything instantly. It is simple to operate and print clear stickers.
  2. Color-codes: This is one of the creative and simple techniques to distinguish between two identical items. If you have tools like a wrench, screwdriver, and hammer in your house. You can use colored vinyl tape to identify the type.
  3. Sticky labels: These labels are economical and very easy to use. They come with self-adhesive properties. All you have to do is stick the label on the box and write on it.
  4. Printed labels: One of the fastest and easiest ways to make labels is with the help of a computer. Write what you need and then get it printed in a fraction of second.

Now, that you know all about the labeling tools. Let’s see how you can put them to use.

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Label the Kitchen Items

The kitchen is the heart of your home. If you love to cook, labeling every item can be a good idea. Now, imagine you are cooking a nice recipe. The cooking process is in the middle and you reach out for a jar of spices.

But to your dismay, the jar is not in its place. You open all the cupboards and cabinets. In the meantime, the rest of the ingredients start burning. You spoil the dish and frustration starts to trickle in. What will you do now? Start cooking again or just order a pizza?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. First, put all the spices in separate boxes and then label them with the help of a white paper and a marker. It is the cheapest and the easiest way to do the labeling. Follow the same process for all the other items. Especially sugar, salt, and flour. You can mix these three items in a hurry.

In addition to this, you can also label all the kitchen utilities. Write kitchen supplies on a white tag and stick that tag to the box carrying all the supplies. If you follow the same process with the kitchen cabinets you will be able to find all the utensils and appliances easily. In turn, the process of labeling will keep your kitchen organized naturally.

Label the Paper Files

You must label all the documents properly and separately. If you ask me why? I will plainly tell you that we tend to forget about all the vital documents. Because you don’t go back to the files unless you have something to do with a specific document.

For example, you stored the prescriptions in one file. To your surprise, the pain has evolved again and you need to go back to all the medical reports right away. Not just you but the doctor will also need the reports for his reference.

What will you do? You will start looking for that file in the archive section with all the other files stacked closely. Undoubtedly, you will check all the files because you have not labeled any of them.

To make sure you find the right file at the right time, all you have to do is label them. You can use magnetic labels or simple labels for the same. If in case you are lazy just use a marker and write the name on each file vertically.

Label the Storage Boxes

You can say a big thank you to all the storage boxes in your house. They are a savior and we all know that. Now, all the storage boxes come in different shapes and sizes. And you have to conveniently store different items in separate boxes. Those items include decors, toiletries, toys, jewelry, etc.

Labeling will prevent you from rummaging the entire house. Be it any festival, Christmas or Halloween, if you have labeled the box properly you can immediately find what you need.

Storing items like toys, crayons, sketch pens, is a necessity. Because kids have a habit of losing things easily.

Children are also good at making room for clutter. This is why it is more important to organize the room of your kids with several labels. You can start by labeling art items. Keep all the sketch pens, markers, crayons together and then label the box. Then move on to the toys and do the same with sparkles and embellishments.

After the kids’ room is done. You can do the same with your room. Store all the jewelry that you wear often in custom made boxes. Usually, girls are very close to their jewelry. Just like they adore their neck and wrists with beautiful pieces of jewelry. They also like storing them in decorative boxes. Now labeling the box will help you distinguish and find the ornament when you need it.

The beauty of labeling is that it helps you stay organized. In turn, the chances of doing extra cleaning activities also diminish with time. Because organizing means that you have already saved yourself from the trouble of decluttering. So, if you are a fan of organizing. Look around and see. Is everything in your house labeled? If not, try all the labeling techniques mentioned-above. The techniques will definitely help you stay away from the visual clutter.

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