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Out of the Box Home Storage Ideas, You’ve Never Heard Of

What if you could have more room in your home overnight?

No, we’re not talking about adding on to your house. Instead, we’re talking about making better use of the space you have.

Home Storage Ideas
Out of the Box Home Storage Ideas, You’ve Never Heard Of

Out of the Box Home Storage Ideas, You’ve Never Heard Of

With the right home storage solutions, you can have a home that is both more organized and more spacious. Keep reading to discover the secrets of how to do it!

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Hip to Be Square

Many of the best home storage solutions involve the ability to stack things up. But have you ever thought about doing this with your kitchen containers?

When you store things like sugar in a jar and place it on a shelf, you’re bound to run into a problem. Eventually, you’re running out of shelf space!

By switching to square containers, you can stack them up on shelves, in pantries, and so on. As a bonus, it creates a nice and modern look for your kitchen.

From the Windows to the Walls

Want to guess want the area with the most unused storage potential is? Your windows!

Obviously, many people love to keep the window clear so they can look out of it. However, you can add shelving above the windows or to the sides to get better storage while keeping your view nice and clear.

We also like this option because it can add additional color and texture to your window space. And placing the shelves where you can easily reach them means that your most important items are within arm’s length.

Old Drawers Reborn

Like we said before, the heart of modern household storage is finding creative ways to use new things. And one of our favorite ways to do this is to turn old drawers into new storage solutions.

For example, most of us have a drawer (or two, or three) that are mostly filled with a disorganized collection of useful items. Flashlights, batteries, scissors, glue…all of this and more end up jumbled together, making it hard to find anything.

However, you can change this by adding some old dishes to the drawer. Basically, you organized things in the drawer by category or size and then put them on a small plate.

Next time you reach for that drawer, you’ll be able to quickly find the plate with the things you need. And you have that much less clutter in your life.

And for valuable items that you use less often, you should look into loft storage. This guide has some great info about how to get started!

The Can and the Plan

Is your kitchen a bit on the small side? If the answer is “yes,” then you’ve discovered that cans can take up just way too much room.

Fortunately, there is an easy household storage secret: creating your own canned food organizer. Ideally, you can craft one thin enough to fit between the refrigerator and the wall.

This keeps all of your cans simultaneously organized and out of the way. And, best of all, you’re using a space that otherwise goes unused, making this one of the most efficient ideas on this list.

And we love DIY organizing because it saves us money that would otherwise go to organizing professionals and their products.


Plates are often a constant problem in the kitchen. As your family grows and your friend group expands, you need more and more plates. However, “more and more plates” obviously takes up “more and more room.”

Our favorite solution for this is to buy or design a plate rack. This hangs on a special shelf in your kitchen and offers some unique advantages.

First, it gets the plates out of the more traditional cabinets. That gives you more room to store things like glassware.

Second, it makes the plates more accessible. It’s way easier to snag something out of a plate rack than search through all the plates in a shelf.

Finally, it just looks really cool. Such a rack adds some modern elegance to your kitchen while making your life easier.

Throw in the Towel

Towels cause the same problem that the plates do. You get more and more of them as time goes on, but they take up a ton of room no matter how tightly you have folded them.

A creative solution to this is to add a towel rack to your linen closet. This gives you more space within that same closet to hang towels, throws, tablecloths, and more.

Grabbing a towel out of your linen closet will be easier than ever. And you’ll finally stop stressing about where to store all those extra towels!

Travel Storage

It’s easy enough to store and organize everything when everything is of similar shapes and sizes. However, one category of dishes defies all logic with its weird sizes and shapes: travelware!

Things like travel bottles or oversized water bottles are very convenient when you’re busy and on the go. But it can be difficult finding a place for these things among your more traditional glasses and cups.

Here’s an idea: you can turn old dishpans into unique storage solutions for these oddly-sized containers. And by keeping all such containers in one place, you can make the rest of your shelves that much more organized.

Shower Hookup

It’s easy for your shower area to get overloaded with things. Those shampoo bottles and facial scrubs all add up, and you eventually run out of places to store things.

It’s possible that a traditional shower rack can solve this issue. But such racks also take up a lot of room, and many of them get in your way while you are showering.

Fortunately, we have a two-part creative solution. First, you need to add another tension-mounted rod to the shower. Next, you add hanging clips to that second rod.

And presto! You can now hang various containers directly from these clips. It keeps everything organized and accessible within the shower while giving you your space back.

Home Storage: The Bottom Line

Now you have some awesome home storage ideas. But do you know who can help with your next home renovation?

At Dreamlands Design, we have the best tips and tricks to create a better home. If you’re ready to take your kitchen to the next level, check out our guide to DIY kitchen cabinets.

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