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Finding the Right Style For Your Bespoke Kitchen

We all know that we want beautiful kitchens that we’d love to cook and spend time with our families in. But choosing a style is another topic – there are a lot of options and sometimes we don’t like what we see on the market.

A lot of people these days go for bespoke kitchens – kitchens made entirely customized for the client and what they need.

Bespoke kitchens are unique in the sense that truly bespoke kitchens don’t go in pre-ready designs clients can choose. At AceKitchens Surrey you can get a truly bespoke kitchen customized for your liking.

Image - Finding the Right Style For Your Bespoke Kitchen
Kitchen island in a large family kitchen

That being said, we’re going to give you some information on how to choose a style for your bespoke kitchen in Surrey. The advice will help you not only for customized kitchens but also if you’re looking for ready designs as well.

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Modern Kitchens (Contemporary Style)

Contemporary kitchens rely on minimalistic style – there’s nothing that will distract your eyes from the kitchen interior itself. A lot of people nowadays prefer modern design because it’s easy on the eyes, and their minimalistic designs.

Modern kitchens always rely on a consistent approach – everything blends together to create perfect harmony. They can also offer clean, sleek designs and open spaces. Refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, etc. blend in with the other items in the kitchen.

In contemporary style kitchens, you’re often going to see smooth wood, steel, and marble work together for that sleek, modern feel. The design of countertops and cupboards follows a natural approach with square edges.

A lot of times there’s also modern additions such as light fixtures that add to the artistic feel of the kitchen. If you enjoy the minimal approach to design, then the modern kitchen is the one for you.

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional style kitchens are still one of the most preferred styles in kitchen design. They are an option for both luxury kitchens and more budget-friendly ones. Traditional style kitchens often use basic colour schemes and a more complex design compared to modern style kitchens.

Unlike the minimal designs used in contemporary kitchens, in traditional kitchens, you’ll find a lot more decoration pieces. A lot of times you’ll see wainscoting on the kitchen island or embellishments in the room. Not only that but the cabinets in a traditional kitchen will be often vintage looking too.

Another distinctive feature of traditional kitchens is the natural colours, especially warm or cool tones of wood. A lot of kitchen designers opt for luxury materials such as granite for the countertops too. You can use some antique details to add to the traditional feel of the kitchen.

The lighting in a traditional kitchen is often decorated with a vintage feel to it. It’s an easy way to pull the kitchen design together. You can opt for chandeliers or similar lighting.

Transitional kitchens

You can always have the best of both worlds when it comes to kitchen design. Transitional kitchens combine characteristics of both traditional and modern kitchens for everyone who wants the charm of a traditional style with a slightly updated look.

Transitional styles provide an updated version of the traditional look with modern materials and trends without losing the personality and charm of the traditional kitchen.

Compared to modern style kitchens, the lines in transitional kitchens are softer but don’t have a lot of decoration. Designers prefer simple embellishments for the cupboards and cabinets. A transitional kitchen will give you that timeless feel without compromising the modern elements.

How to choose a kitchen style?

If you don’t know how to decide on a style, there are a few things you might consider before committing to one style:

What are your goals?

There are a lot of people who remodel their kitchens so that they have higher market value. In this case, a modern kitchen style would be a good idea because a lot of people who are looking for a new home want a modern approach to interior design.

But if you’re planning to live in the house for a long period then a traditional kitchen might be better because of the timeless design.

Consider the style of the rest of the house

If you have a modern design in the rest of your home, a traditional kitchen might seem out of place. Choosing a style that fits the overall tone of your house is probably the best.

If the rest of your house is neutral or uses natural materials, then a traditional kitchen might seem more appropriate. It would also be beneficial if you decide to sell your house in the future as buyers prefer cohesive designs.

Think about your needs

Before deciding on a specific style you should think about your individual needs. Like how much are you going to cook, do you have a large family, how much are you going to use the kitchen, etc. Those are really important factors when deciding on a style.

If you use the kitchen a lot, then a wide space would be best. If you have children, then it’s probably best to avoid steel as you’ll have to clean their fingerprints a lot.

Consider your personal style

Your personal style is probably the deciding factor when it comes to kitchen design. Some people prefer traditional kitchens for their timeless appeal and some will prefer the modern design for its minimalistic approach.

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