Our study rooms are where we work hard, set goals, and reflect on how far we’ve come. Most of us could do with a little reminder of what we’ve achieved as we keep pushing towards our dreams and goals.

Framing and displaying achievements and awards is often overlooked, but it can have a positive and uplifting impact on us.

image - Framing Your Study with Achievements and Awards

Framing Your Study with Achievements and Awards

If you have been thinking about framing your achievements, but keep putting it off because there are too many decisions to make, we’ve put together a list of must-know tips to help you out. Your hard-earned achievements deserve to be celebrated!

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Protecting Your Certificate

Certificates are usually printed on sturdy paper but over time they may fade or be damaged if exposed to the elements. The best way to protect them is by framing them.

That way dust and moisture can’t get in, they are much harder to lose and they won’t get torn or greasy from being handled.

If exposed to the sun for prolonged periods, certificates can fade over time. You should definitely consider framing your precious items with UV resistant glass to prevent the sun from wearing them down.

Certificate frames should also be made from acid-free materials that will not damage the contents. For maximum protection and expert advice on your requirements, it’s best to get your items framed by a professional.

Get it Framed with a Professional

Your achievements deserve to be displayed in a high-quality frame. Low-quality frames are made from sub-par materials that can damage and discolour your certificates over time.

On the other hand, high-quality frames are the best way to ensure your certificate is protected in the long run. Professional certificate framers use acid-free materials and UV resistant glass to keep your awards in good condition.

Custom frames from the professionals also ensure your awards and certificates are displayed in the best light and get the attention they deserve. If you have a unique request in mind, a custom frame is a must.

Many professionals will also use a special hinging technique in case you want to remove the certificate at any time.

image - Customise Your Frame

Customise Your Frame

Don’t want a boring old frame for your certificates? Custom certificate framers offer a wide range of choices so that you can make your certificate stand out, match your study’s existing decor and suit your personal style.

Whether you want a sleek and minimalist frame or something more ornate – there are plenty of options to choose from.

Here are some great ways to jazz up an otherwise plain-looking certificate frame:

  • Frame your certificate alongside your graduation photo. This can be done as two separate framed pieces, or inside of one frame.

A photo of you at graduation is a great way to remember that important day. You could also frame other memorabilia alongside your certificate such as the tassels from your graduation hat.

  • Choose from a range of matt colours and techniques. The matt board can really help your certificate pop. If you have a colour scheme in your study, choose a complimentary matt colour to help it blend in.

From traditional single-layered matts to double layer and floating displays, there are also many matt techniques that can add something unique. Speak to your local professional certificate framers to see what’s possible.

  • Frame two certificates next to each other in one frame. If you have more than one achievement to display, why not put them next to each other? For example, you could frame your undergraduate certificate next to your postgraduate certificate.
  • Customise your frame. Who says certificate frames have to be thin and black? You can select from a range of different colours, woods, and degrees of ornamentation for your certificate frame.

Create an Attractive Display for Your Study

Now that you’ve framed your certificate or award, it’s time to display it proudly.

Although our study rooms tend to be full of important documents and books, they don’t have to be a boring, uninviting space. A few design tips will help you show your framed certificate off in an attractive way.

If your study has a blank wall, consider hanging your framed certificate alongside artwork or photographs that inspire you.

A gallery wall feature is a great way to fill a blank wall and transform a room into a personal, inviting space.

Plan out where your framed pieces will go by cutting out paper rectangles the same size as each frame and practice arranging them.

If your study is lacking empty wall space, you can display your certificate on a bookshelf or desk. Try not to clutter the shelving with other objects that drown out the certificate.

Instead, create room so that it can stand out. You can add more texture and colour by introducing a limited number of decor items such as books, candles or plants.

Good luck, and happy framing! If you’re looking for certificate frames in Perth, check out what we do at Portfolio Picture Framers. We’d love to help you out.