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Ideas to Update Your Living Room

It’s time to get comfortable with ideas that can transform your living room into a cozy family space. The living room is a place where your family members, friends and relatives gather and enjoy their free time together. It should be decorated in such a way that represents you.

It seems a daunting task to update the living room and can be quite challenging to even creative people in your family. Kick-start by planning and budgeting the updating process.

image - Ideas to Update Your Living Room
Ideas to Update Your Living Room

Do not start from scratch, instead, save your time and money and make use of the existing décor and items you have and update the living space.

Changing the layout, furniture, wall color and lightings can make a huge difference to the existing decor.

To help you out, we have got some best ideas to update your living room and spend your family time in a more relaxing and cozy place.

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Declutter the Living Room

First of all, remove unnecessary things in your living room and make space for useful items. Decluttering instantly change the look of the room. The living room will become more spacious and clean.

Carefully organize all the things and plan what needs to be removed. Place all the things in their right positions. This will also make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

A New Coat of Paint

Begin by painting all the walls with a new and fresh coat of paint. Select some exciting colors to revive your living room. You can go for neutral shades to make the room look bigger or go for an accent wall to add color and drama.

All you need to do is select a vibrant color for one of the four walls of the living room. Paint other walls with white or neutral color and one wall with that bright color.

You can also add some texture to that wall as well. It is a very simple and chic idea to add liveliness to your family room.

A New Set of Curtains

A new and fresh collection of curtains will instantly revive your whole family room and make it look totally different from your previous décor. You can choose any fabric and color that would complement the color scheme of the living room.

Simple and Sheer curtains will add a classic feel to the living room and make it look brisk and comfortable at the same time.

If you want to make your living room look brighter and bigger, use light-colored, wide, and opaque cotton or linen curtains.

Turn a Dull Nook into Something Bright

We sometimes neglect the nooks and corners that make them look dark and dull which ultimately affects the whole décor of the living room.

Add some brightness to such corners by placing one or two salt lamps. These lamps are made with Himalayan salt chunks and are 100% natural.

Apart from adding brightness and coziness to your place, these lamps also act as natural air purifiers. Their warm glow attracts the eyeballs of people and gives a very soothing impact. You can also place them on a table or shelves.

Add Wood Paneling

Wood paneling is an old classic décor idea that has revived again. Mounted walls add elegance and grace to the living room.

The internet is full of DIY wood paneling ideas. You can simply add wood paneling to one of the walls or some sections of the wall.

You can modernize by painting it with a refreshing and cool color. Another amazing idea is to combine paneling with metallic patterns for a whimsical vibe.

Bring Nature to Your Family Room

Bring freshness and nature to your family space by adding indoor plants. You can choose from a wide variety of indoor plants such as Peace lily, English ivy, French Lavender, and aloe Vera.

These plants not only add greenery but also cleanse the atmosphere. These plants also boost mood and increase concentration.

Enhance With Throw Pillows

One of the best ways to enliven the living room is to add throw pillows to the couch, chairs, and even floor. Depending on your paint scheme and design, you can mix and match the decorative pillows in endless ways.

Pick sharp colored pillows without any embellishments for a formal look. For a more relaxed look, go for the throw pillows with fun and chic designs and textures.

Make It Look Bigger

Use some tricky ideas to make the small room look wide and bigger. One of the tricks is to hang mirrors in the living room.

Hang mirrors at such places where sunlight reflects as it will create the illusion of a bigger and brighter place. You can hang just one big mirror or many small mirrors in the room.

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