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Fritz Hansen Lamps for Timeless Elegance

With their raw and simple structures, Fritz Hansen lamps are an elegant and edgy addition to any room

Fritz Hansen Lamps for Timeless Elegance
Fritz Hansen Lamps – by Holger.Ellgaard [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Fritz Hansen lamps have the rare mixture of complete, industrial rawness and delicate, curvy shapes that connotes the organic formations of nature.

First of all, they are simple. The colors are cold, like concrete on the factory floor. The details are sparse but distinct. And those qualities are exactly what makes Fritz Hansen lamps fitting to almost every room, whatever the style of the other interior.

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Shiny Bronze Makes a Lamp Stand Out

Though most of the Fritz Hansen collections use the muffled and discrete colors, like black, white and grey, some of the lamps shone brightly with a bronze shade, made for rooms with little or no other colors to steal the thunder.

The bronze lamps stand out in their shiny color, but still has the cool veil that is the hallmark of Fritz Hansen and  Scandinavian design. Their feel of exclusivity is undeniable.

The Layers of a Lamp

Jørn Utzon’s iconic Concert lamp contains both the petals of floral leaves and the organic layers well-constructed buildings.

When lit, the light is softened by the layers of the lamp, composing a concert of light over the dining room or living room table. The lamp’s exquisite design will function well in a living room, allowing it to be its own work of art, hanging from the ceiling.

The Quiet Scandinavian

Fritz Hansen lamps are truly a testimonial to the quality of Scandinavian design. While many of the designers of the lamps are themselves, well-established designer, their combined forces under the name of Fritz Hansen lets you acquire a unique work of art, with the admirable functionality for every room of the house.

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