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GoDog: Take Care of your Dog with a Modern Mobile App

It’s not a secret that the dog is a man’s best friend. That is why there is an increasing number of dog owners.

By communicating with furry friends, people receive a lot of pleasant feelings and emotions, and the level of serotonin increases, bringing delight to both dogs and their owners.

image - GoDog Take Care of your Dog with a Modern Mobile App
GoDog Take Care of your Dog with a Modern Mobile App

Taking proper care of your pet is essential for establishing a long-term and trustworthy relationship with your pet. There are 5 basic rules that can help you raise a healthy, well-behaved, and happy dog.

Tips to Breed a Happy Puppy

  1. Walking. You need to walk the dog twice a day, at least in the morning and in the evening, especially if you are the owner of large breeds.
  2. Training. Discipline is essential, therefore, every dog should understand at least the most basic commands.
  3. Vaccination and medical check-ups. Because certain health-related issues are difficult to identify, visiting your vet on a frequent basis will help you prevent potential and real health problems.
  4. Healthy diet. A puppy needs a balanced diet since the nutritional and energy value of the food a dog receives from a very young age determines his health for the rest of his life.
  5. Love and care. Surround the puppy with love, take care of him, walk, and play. Never hit a puppy, do not show aggression or cruelty towards him.

Today, interactive mobile applications with recommendations and valuable tips from professional dog handlers can help pet owners with following these tips.

The modern app market offers a large number of mobile applications with various features to make it easier for owners to take care of their pets. One of the solutions is the GoDog app, delivered by the Emerline company.

The GoDog mobile application will assist you in quickly training, socializing, and caring about your beloved pet’s health. Experienced dog handlers who know what is best for your dog took part in the app development, so you can be confident in the quality and efficiency of the lessons GoDog provides.

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Key GoDog Features to Make the Process of Dog Raising Easier

The app includes the following features, designed to make the process of taking care of the dog simpler and the life of a pet happier:

Walking Tracker

This feature allows you to track your pet’s physical activity based on the dog breed characteristics.

According to this information, you can plan the walking schedule, as well as the types and amount of exercise, so as not to overwork the pet, or vice versa, to exclude insufficient physical activity, and, hence, obesity and other health-related issues.

Set of Commands

To raise an intelligent and obedient dog able to respond to the owner’s commands, you should train your pet.

The GoDog app contains expert advice from dog handlers to assist you in the proper training of your dogs, and step-by-step video instructions make the training process fast and easy.

If you are interested in more than just basic commands, you may purchase a premium bundle of extra video courses.

Health Diary

The program is equipped with a health monitoring feature to ensure the owner doesn’t forget about medications or vaccination. With built-in notifications, you won’t miss a day of washing and will track your pet’s height and weight, be always aware of the upcoming vaccination day, and be able to accurately assess its health.

Family Access

Track your pet’s activities and health on various devices at the same time. If you are not the only one responsible for dog raising, you can share access to your dog’s profile with other members of your family.

They will see all the information regarding the pet’s achievements, training, and walking. Thus, several people from different devices can track the activity of your furry friend at once, which considerably simplifies the process of training.

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality function allows you to watch each video tutorial from all sides in 360 degrees. Thanks to the full-scale picture, pet owners better understand the mechanics of each movement, which means they will rapidly achieve the desired results.

Clicker & Whistle

This tool includes various sound options that make the training process more interesting. Thanks to the enticing sounds, dogs better acquire new skills and quickly respond to the necessary commands, which brings pleasure to both the owner and his pet.

What Are the Benefits of the GoDog App?

Application users can get the following benefits from handling the GoDog mobile app:

  • Better owner-pet interaction.
  • A better understanding of commands by a dog.
  • Quicker and easier process of training.
  • More efficient training methods.
  • Money and time-saving.

If you are already a dog owner and want to train your beloved pet, or you are just thinking about having a dog and want to learn more about how to take care of it, download the GoDog app.

GoDog is a free app provided by Emerline and is available on Google Play and the App Store.

With a customized dog training and walking plan in an app, you can be sure your dog will quickly socialize and be always well-behaved, fit, and happy.

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