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Top 10 Effective Speed Cleaning Tips Before End of Lease

Cleaning up the entire house before shifting or before the end of your tenancy period is the most hectic task. Relocation and end-of-lease cleanup revolve around a lot of tedious procedures and formalities.

You have to make sure that everything is kept intact and is in the best of its condition. If you fail to do so, you will end up losing a huge sum of bond money which may be annoying.

image - Top 10 Effective Speed Cleaning Tips Before End of Lease
Top 10 Effective Speed Cleaning Tips Before End of Lease

Lack of maintenance is the major factor that results in the loss of bond amount in the Sunshine Coast. The landowners would love to get back their houses in their original shape.

If you skip the regular cleanup of your house, it will all pile up and become a difficult task while moving out. The dirt and dust may not be easy to get rid of if the timely cleaning is avoided.

Speed cleaning will help you get done with the remaining cleanup without using much of your energy and time. Thus the last-minute fuss can be eliminated.

Given below are 10 of the most useful and efficient speed cleaning tips and hacks that you have to carry out before the end of the lease. You can leave a great impression on your house owner if you do the clean-up properly.

1. Prioritize the Cleanup of Your Living Room

Before you start the cleanup, you should always have a detailed checklist handy. Note down the important tasks to get done with and allocate a specific time for each of the rooms. This will increase the pace of your cleanup.

The living room should be your priority. When your landlord comes in for inspection, it will not be pleasing enough to notice an untidy living area and thus will leave a false impression on the house.

Wipe all the additional fittings including the small tea tables and bookshelves and retain their brightness. The room should never remain clumsy and clean even the smallest of the dirty spots thoroughly.

2. Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen is such another spot that is dirt-prone. The food spills can be stubborn if not cleaned as soon as possible. Make sure to clean up the kitchen cabinets. The drawers can also be home to a stack of dust and dirt.

Deep clean the floor and check for any stains. If so, use a commercial stain remover and treat the affected area. Dust the doors and window panes.

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3. Do not Leave the Oven and Other Kitchen Accessories Untreated

Apart from the flooring and cabinets, the additional kitchen appliances should be cleaned too. Remove each rack of the refrigerator and rinse them to release all the dirt stuck to its surface.

The interior walls of the dishwasher should be washed and cleaned well. Some of the hidden food remains will cling to the surface, clean up that too. The oven can get dirty quite fast; hence frequent cleaning is required to increase its shelf span.

Get rid of the extra bread crumbs on the toaster and clean it with a cloth or a paper towel. Make sure nothing is left unclean before the final inspection.

4. Windows should be Kept Intact

Windows are not stain-resistant. All the dirt marks will be prominent on the surface of your window. Clean it with either vinegar or alcohol. They are amazing and safe cleaning agents and will bring back the shine of your windows without much time.

If the windows and doors are neat, then almost half of your work is done, because cleaning those takes a lot of time.

5. Ensure that your Walls are Free of Stains

Take off the stains of the walls as soon as you notice them. If you prolong the cleanup you may not be able to manage the cleanup on your own. Try scraping the stains off with a sharp tool without interrupting the paint.

Wash the surface off and then use a stain remover if the patch still sustains. Retain the glow on the wall to keep your landlords happy.

6. Sanitize and Clean the Bathroom

Sanitization of the washroom is a must. Clean the glass doors and ensure there are no molds formed. Double-check the basin and tiles for any hidden dirt and wash them off carefully.

Use the disinfectant solution to maintain the hygiene of toilets. The timely sanitation of the bathrooms can keep them free from bacteria and germs.

7. Keep the Furniture Neat

Dust the couches and remove the pet fur and chunks of food spills if any. Once done vacuum the surface to ensure further cleanliness. If there are ugly patches on the wooden surfaces or your sofa seating use a cleaner to get away with the stains and bad odor.

8. Never Forget to Clean your Rugs and Carpets

Be it vomit stains or pet hair, if not removed at the right time, you will have a difficult time dealing with it. Brush the carpets and take off the dirt after which the surface should be deep cleaned with a vacuum.

The heavy patches can be removed by using professional cleaning agents available at the store.

9. Double-check the Stairs

The edges of the staircase can also have a lot of dust surrounding it. Sweep it off and wipe the area with a damp cloth to make it dust-free.

10. Retain the freshness of your Garden

If you have a garden at home, then make sure that the evergreen ambiance is preserved. Clean the dried leaves from the ground and layer that grass to keep your garden attractive. Follow these simple tips and speed clean your house before your lease expires.

Along with carrying out these steps, it is also a great idea to hire experienced bond cleaners to fasten up the process even more.

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