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8 Gorgeous Backyard Concrete Patio Ideas You Need to Try

Your outdoor space should be an extension of the style and comfort that exists on the inside of your home. Especially in the warm summer and early fall months, your patio and garden area can provide much-needed sanctuary and relaxation.

There are many different types of material to use when building a patio. Concrete is traditional, but people don’t realize how versatile it can be. There are countless backyard concrete patio ideas out there.

image - 8 Gorgeous Backyard Concrete Patio Ideas You Need to Try
8 Gorgeous Backyard Concrete Patio Ideas You Need to Try

In addition to having a ton of creative options, concrete has additional benefits over other materials. It’s inexpensive and something you can do yourself. Concrete is also very durable, lasting longer than other products.

If you’re ready to take your backyard to the next level, check out our eight favorite concrete patio design ideas and tips.

1. Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are made from pouring concrete into molds. That makes all the pavers the exact same size and shape, ensuring they’re easy to install since they’re the same thickness. These pavers can be made in a lot of different shapes, textures, sizes, and colors.

The maintenance of concrete pavers is extremely low if they’re installed properly. If you ever do run into a problem, you can easily pop out the malfunctioning paver and replace it. You won’t be able to do that with a solid concrete slab or with stone pavers.

You can place the pavers right next to each other so weeds don’t grow up between the cracks or space them out a bit and fill the gaps with pebbles or ground cover.

2. Poured Concrete

The possibilities are endless with a poured and stamped concrete patio. The concrete can be tinted to whatever color you’d like to match the decor and vibe of your backyard space.

Tint the concrete gray and have it stamped to look like wood planks. Your patio will look like it’s made from old-fashioned pieces of wood, which is perfect if you’re going for a nautical theme.

You can mix together various shapes and sizes of stamps on your patio to look like you have different rocks on the ground. It adds a unique touch while still looking like it fits in an outdoor setting.

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3. Bring Out Your Paint Brush

One of the best parts about concrete is that it can be painted by hand. You can create something freehand, like a starburst, or use a stencil to do a more uniform pattern. Use as many colors as you’d like to make your patio completely unique.

Layout your stencils in a pattern to make them look like a rug. Use outdoor-grade paint so it doesn’t chip or fade over time. Prep the concrete properly beforehand by pressure washing the patio.

4 Create a Faux Stone Patio

Another tool you can use on your concrete patio to make it look like real brick or stone is a roller. They come in different patterns and are made specifically for concrete patios. It looks like a large paint roller and will create indentations on the concrete when rolled over.

Concrete molds are less expensive than concrete rollers. Recreate the look of cobblestone with a concrete mold.

5. Small Backyard Ideas

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, a concrete patio will make a big impact while staying on budget. You can have the edges of your patio be curved so it looks like the concrete just melts into the landscaping.

Have a border around the edge of your patio, either in poured concrete or pavers. It will help your smaller patio looker cleaner and will add more visual interest.

Make sure you allow for enough space for your furniture. Your backyard may not have a lot of shade, so look into patio covers, like the ones from Butte Fence. If you’re interested in awnings or covers, you can check it out here.

6. Modern Patio Design Ideas

If you have a sleek, modern house, matching your patio is essential so it doesn’t crash. Pour a light-colored concrete patio that is free of any designs or other elements. You can use grey or white-colored concrete to make it look extra clean.

Pair your light-colored patio with dark accents, such as a dark-tiled firepit. Use steel and dark fabrics with your patio furniture. Whatever design elements you bring into your patio should accentuate the lines and structure of your home, not work against it.

7. Add in Some Landscaping

Whether you choose concrete pavers or a poured slab, landscaping will pull your backyard space together. Plants can easily be swapped out after their normal lifespan, changing the theme of your backyard depending upon what you get.

You also don’t need to invest a lot of money in planters and pots. Repurposed planters made from household items like old sinks, yogurt containers, and teapots make for funky and interesting containers for your plants.

Experiment with different types of plants and color schemes depending upon the time of year.

8. Comfy and Distinctive Furniture

Finding quality outdoor furniture can put a strain on your budget. Going with an inexpensive patio option like concrete will free up so funds so you can invest in comfortable seating for you and your guests.

You can also work some concrete blocks into your seating arrangements to pair with your patio at a low cost. Or perhaps a practical bench available from expanded metal suppliers.

Add pops of color with rugs and pillows. Make sure whatever furniture you buy uses outdoor-grade fabric to protect it from the elements and any wear and tear. You can always recover old pieces of furniture and pillows once the fabric starts to become faded.

Start Planning Unique Backyard Concrete Patio Ideas

Using a durable product like concrete not only makes maintenance incredibly easy, but you have a ton of options. From stamping to staining to simple pavers, concrete is an ideal choice for incorporating into your outdoor space.

These backyard concrete patio ideas will give you plenty of creative fuel when beginning to brainstorm your new sanctuary outside.

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