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5 Roof Styles to Match Your Unique Siding

The most popular roof style in the United States is the gable roof. Learning about different roof styles can help you decide which one will work best for your home’s unique siding.

Gable roofs were first used in temples in Ancient Greece. Now, they’re a classic American roof style. However, there are plenty of other roof styles to consider.

image - 5 Roof Styles to Match Your Unique Siding
5 Roof Styles to Match Your Unique Siding

Your home is your personal palace, and it deserves to have a roof that suits its personality.

Here are five roof styles that’ll transform your home into a masterpiece.

1. Barn Roof Styles

Nothing says classic Americana like barn roof styles do. There are four types of barn roofs: gable, gambrel, hip, and shed roofs.

Gable roofs are triangular with peaked or pitched points. They complement earth tone sidings such as rust red, wooden brown, and slate gray.

A gambrel roof gives you the chance to flaunt your siding with its increased space. As such, it’s recommended for houses with mixed sidings.

Hip roofs have all sides sloping downward like a pyramid. They make homes with brick sidings look taller and more sophisticated.

2. Shed Roofs

The shed-style roof is a contemporary design. Shed roofs are characterized by a single slope that varies in steepness. Its simple design makes it a budget-friendly option for homeowners.

Shed roofs are super versatile. They look great with rustic styles such as wooden or stone sidings. But, they also pair well with modern vinyl siding.

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3. Metal Roof Styles

Metal roof styles are famous for their durability. There are so many metal roof colors and styles to choose from; it’s safe to say there’s a metal roof available for every home out there.

Combining copper roofing with brick sidings can create an elegant and sophisticated look. Houses with brick sidings and copper roofing literally sparkle on sunny days.

For best results, your metal roof should fit into your house’s exterior color palette. For instance, if your home’s exterior has a neutral palette, you should stick with white, peach, and beige colors.

Fortunately, Arrow Roofing Inc can install metal roof styles as well as other types of roofs. Learn more about this experienced company’s services via the aforementioned link.

4. Matching Roof and Siding

Color-coordinating your roof with your siding gives your home a solid, cohesive look. Going monochrome also makes your house stand out stylishly.

Fortunately, there are different roof styles available in every color. Explore roofing options that match your siding’s color and shade. Your house will become a landmark for its uniform color.

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5. Contrast

Choose a roof with a color that directly contrasts your siding. Nothing says “clean” and “modern” like a house with white siding and black roofing.

Keep in mind that lighter colors make features appear larger while darker colors shrink them. Work with color shades to emphasize/detract from features as necessary.

Start Rooting for the Right Roof

The best roof styles for your house will depend on where you live. For instance, flat roofs work with areas that don’t get much rain. Gable roofs, however, are better for colder and wetter climates. This is because snow and water slide off of them.

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