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What is the Difference Between a Renovation Restoration and Remodel?

When planning to upgrade your building, you already know what you want, how much you are willing to spend, and how you want the project to turn out.

Unfortunately, most people use renovation, restoration, and remodel interchangeably, not realizing they mean three different things as much as they are closely-related terms.

image - What is the Difference Between a Renovation Restoration and Remodel
What is the Difference Between a Renovation Restoration and Remodel

Whether it is your first time or a second time planning to renovate, remodel or restore your house, you may confuse the terminologies even when you understand what you mean.

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In the meantime, read on to learn about the differences between remodeling, renovation, and restoration. These differences will guide you whenever you decide to upgrade your house.


In simple terms, renovation is modernizing the look and feel of your home. It can be your kitchen, bathroom, study room, or whichever room you would like to upgrade.

When looking at renovation, look at your current structure or space and see if it functions but needs improvements to change the look and feel.

If that is a yes, renovation is what you require. For instance, you can renovate your uneven floor and replace it with decent floors. Also, you can paint and repair wall cracks to renew how your room feels.

Since most renovations occur on already existing structures, renovations are cost-effective compared to restoration.

But remember, you cannot renovate something that requires restoration. Every housing project is unique. However, most of the time, renovation and restoration go together.

A scenario is when you want to renovate a wall, but that same wall needs a crack restoration before giving it a fresh new look – an example of a modern painting style.

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Restoration, as the name, suggests is returning a structure to its original appearance. It happens in most scenarios where whether you like the building or not, restoring it to its original state is vital.

For instance, a museum, a cultural center, or any historical building can undergo restoration.

However, it does not have to be attached to a cultural site since you can recreate your home’s room to replicate the previous design and style.

Restoration aims at restoring the last building, maintaining its authenticity and original form. Restoration companies like BluSky Restoration help restore the properties that get affected by natural disasters. When fixing, you can add a few utilities that are well-covered and go unnoticed.

As the original appearance of your building is maintained, restoration taking place involves:

  • Restoring old fixtures and holes in walls
  • Reinstating old fittings with models of the original
  • Discarding old carpet
  • Replacing old floors

When do you need restoration?

  • If maintenance of your building is necessary and recreating its previous structure is mandatory.
  • If the building is a historical site, restoring its original form is obligatory.
  • To maintain the authenticity of a building.
  • When your budget is very tight.

When restoring a building, few resources are needed for minimum repairs; hence it is more cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Although that is the case, renovation and remodeling of the building are prone to happen. When restoring, you may need to renovate a cracked wall or change the floor but maintain the original form.

While doing restoration, it is essential to inspect the home properly. If you see any signs of foundation problems like wall cracks, sticking doors/windows, sloping or uneven floors, or mold, contact a foundation repair company for foundation repair cost estimation.


Remodel occurs when the design of a house needs a new, useful and fresh look. Remodel is not all about changing the form of the building but as well as making something functional.

You may want to change how your bathroom looks and feels by introducing new bathroom utilities to fit your tastes and preferences.

You may want to tear a functionless wall and create an inbuilt wine store or expand that wardrobe.

Additional constructional changes you make to your building/room are what we call remodeling. For instance, when turning your bedroom into a home office.

When remodeling, expect:

  • The cost of remodeling a room/ structure is costlier compared to renovating.
  • Depending on the changes in every project, it can be more complex and pricey.
  • Unlike renovation, where you can DIY, remodeling requires professional labor.
  • Since you are changing the purpose of a room or structure, the materials are often higher.

Remodeling is a very challenging process compared to restoring and renovating. The changes when remodeling include;

  • Extending the footage of a structure
  • Elevating ceilings
  • Adding plumbing, heating, and cooling ducts
  • Gutting, raising, removing, or joining walls

Remodeling is time-consuming and uses many resources. When it comes to pricing, remodeling involves the highest cost compared to restoring and renovating.

Before deciding between remodeling, renovating, or restoration, you’ll want, do a cost estimate. It will help ensure you have the budget to complete the project that best suits your style.

Although that’s the case, you may realize that to complete one project; you need to complete another one, like renovation and restoration.

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