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What Makes A Good Painter and Decorator?

Painting is an essential component of property decoration and design. It could make all the difference between a world-class and an average structure.

Also, having a painter come re-decorate the house annually can be pocket-wrecking. Apart from the ill effect of bad paints, a poorly skilled painter can also do more harm than good.

image - What Makes A Good Painter and Decorator
What Makes A Good Painter and Decorator

As such, getting a good painter becomes absolutely necessary. In this article, we intend to look at what makes a good painter and decorator help you make an informed decision subsequently.

However, in a bid to offer an easy way out, you can get guaranteed painters at GSD Painting and Decorating Contractors.

So, the following are our picks on what makes a good painter.

1. Take Note of Their Standard

Many people think that painting is always a DIY job, nothing more. This is not the case in most instances as there are many intricacies in it than what meets the eyes.

Also, people have various yardsticks for what is good and otherwise. However, cool on the ground to start from is the standard of the painter.

Every artisan including painters tries to appear as professional as possible. Hence, if the painter has a good first impression like owning an official website that gives cool information and provides honest reviews and catalog, then they are most likely good.

However, if they do not care about making a good impression or representation, it does not absolutely mean that they are bad, but it sure doesn’t speak too well of their capabilities.

You must also be wary of firms that use pictures that are not theirs for adverts and show them off on websites. Look elsewhere as soon as you spot a website like this.

2. Determination

A real professional is often discernable by their determination to get the job done at all costs without compromising the quality.

Also, look out for other clients that have used their services before you. Get honest reviews from them and if possible a recommendation.

Ensure that the reviews are true as it’s easy for many firms to post fake reviews on websites and public forums.

For instance, a painting firm established six months ago with up to 300 reviews on a website should sound fishy.

Even if they got up to that amount of customers in that period, the probability that they would all leave honest reviews is very low. Hence, be wary of reviews made from most comparison pages.

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3. Accountability and Professionalism

A good decorator will give you a fixed estimate of the expenses you will incur with your painting task. They will also do this in official writing with no hidden charges.

Besides, a good decorator won’t pressurize, force, or entice you with fraudulent deals. Look elsewhere as soon as you feel anything off or dodgy.

Good painters also work with an official work dress like a suit or overall. They also work in an orderly and professional manner without messing up the whole place.

When you see the outcome of their work, you will have no choice other than to admire their craftiness and ingenuity.

4. Honesty

A bad painter or painting firm will breach almost everything related to honesty. This ranges from using low-quality materials to doing a less-than-average job.

They can also change their initial price tag and add some unexpected charges to the bill. A good decorator knows the nitty-gritty of the job and is always up to date with the latest designs and styles out there.

They do not spring up with various excuses for not doing their job well every time. Rather, they keep to time and agreement to the letter.

5. Trust

If you feel something unusual, dodgy about the decorator or their offer looks too good to be true, it would be better if you reface your steps.

Usually, a good decorator should arrive at your property in a company van, fully kitted, and with appropriate equipment.

Your painters could be around your house for a week or more if the job is full scale. Hence, you should choose someone friendly, professional, and traceable.

A good decorator must have a traceable contact number and address. A painter that knows the job well will not only give you a written estimate for the job but also explain the way it will be done if you demand it.

They will also be timely and orderly and inform you of necessary repairs before painting. In essence, you will get your money and time’s worth.

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