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How Much Does Patio Installation Cost? a Homeowner’s Guide

Have you been wondering, “How much does patio installation cost?” If so, it’s important to determine what kind of patio you want and what other features will impact the final price tag. With a little research, you can pinpoint the perfect patio option that fits within your budget.

image - How Much Does Patio Installation Cost? A Homeowner's Guide
How Much Does Patio Installation Cost? A Homeowner’s Guide

Keep reading to learn what goes into the cost of installing a patio!

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Consider the Cost of Materials

While the average cost of a patio can exceed $4,000, it can be lower (or higher) depending on the materials you use. Look at the patio cost per square foot using a few different materials to determine what you can afford.

If you’re hoping to save money, gravel will be your cheapest option. And because you can pour and rake the gravel yourself, you won’t need to hire professionals to do the job. For a few hundred dollars, you can have a patio!

If you move a tier above the gravel patio, the price will start to escalate. Research before you commit to another option if you’re on a tight budget. And find a color and style that meshes with the appearance of your house since your patio is an extension of that space.

A simple concrete patio is a cost-effective option to consider. Best of all, concrete is a durable material and easy to maintain. You won’t have to reseal or refinish it, and it could outlast the length of time you’re in your house.

For an upgraded patio, look into flagstone, brick, or pavers. Your patio cost per square foot could go up a few hundred dollars if you choose one of these materials instead of concrete, but you’ll end up with an inviting and classy space in your backyard.

Flagstone’s organic shape will add some movement and elegance to your patio. Keep in mind that stone patios tend to be the most expensive to install, however. The good news is that a flagstone patio will last a lifetime, if not longer!

Location Can Impact Patio Installation Cost

Do you want your patio to sit right up against your back door? Or are you hoping to create a getaway that sits further from your house?

As you make your decision, be aware that where you place your patio will affect the price. When it comes to patio installation costs, location matters.

Know that the further away you install a patio, the more it is likely to cost. If you’re dreaming of a patio that has access to electrical outlets for lighting or cooking, it will cost more to extend your electric hookups across the yard. Keeping your patio closer to home should save you some money.

Another tip? Find the flattest part of your yard. Installing a patio on level ground will be far easier, and probably less expensive, than trying to install one on a hill.

Shape and Scale Will Affect Your Bottom Line

The sky’s the limit when it comes to patio shapes. Whether you want a classic rectangle, balanced square, organic shape, oval, or something completely original, you can do it. Sketch out a few ideas to see what shape suits your yard.

While you’re considering shape, you’ll also want to consider scale. As you can probably guess, the larger the patio, the larger the cost. Keep in mind that a patio can provide up to an 80% return on the investment, so don’t skimp on this coveted outdoor feature.

While a bigger patio might stretch your budget, think about how you plan to use your outdoor space. If you like to entertain, then a larger patio might be worth the expense. And you won’t have to worry about upgrading it later.

Save Money in the Off-Season

Patio prices can fluctuate based on many different factors, including the time of year. While you might want to get that new patio installed in the spring or summer, plan ahead and you could save some money.

Look into getting your patio installed in the off-season. Winter can be a good time of year because materials may be less expensive and work crews may be eager for new customers. With lower demand, you’ll have your pick of options — and for a lower price.

Besides, if your patio is set up in the fall, you’ll be able to look forward to lots of outdoor time in the spring!

Don’t Overlook the Accessories

A patio isn’t complete without a few — or many — accessories. You’ll want a table and chairs for relaxing evenings with friends and family, and you’ll want some plants and lights to set the perfect mood. All of these things will nudge the total cost of a patio higher, but they’ll make your experience better!

Find a good place to buy outdoor furniture and decide what kind of ambiance you want. You can keep things subdued with solid-color furniture, go retro with wicker, or add splashes of a pattern. Spend some time on this step so that you don’t regret your choices after you’ve made the financial investment.

Also, look into adding a firepit, some ornamental plants to soften the space, and some torches. You’ll give focus to your space and integrate it into its surroundings. With a few accessories, you’ll be able to enjoy your patio during several seasons of the year!

Perfect Your Home With a Patio

A lot of factors can shape your patio installation cost. Set a budget, look for places to save some money, and put your own twist on the design. There’s bound to be a patio that meets your needs and looks good.

When you’re ready to learn about new home design ideas, check back with us for more great articles!