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5 Grand Ideas for Landscaping a Small Backyard

Are you struggling with how to landscape a small yard?

Making use of small spaces isn’t as hard as you may think. You can utilize many design ideas to spruce up the area and make it a private oasis. Buying a home with a small backyard means getting creative with landscaping ideas.

image - 5 Grand Ideas for Landscaping a Small Backyard
5 Grand Ideas for Landscaping a Small Backyard

Landscaping a small backyard will require some level of creativity, though. Couple it with the right furnishings and plants to accentuate the space.

Check out these five ideas that’ll transform the space.

1. Define Your Goals

Small yard landscaping is easier when you start with a design idea. Decide on the type of backyard you want. Are you looking to create a personal space, or do you want the ability to entertain guests?

Having a list of must-haves will get you started creating a blueprint for creating the perfect outdoor space.

Once you know which direction you want to go, layout the landscape design for your backyard. The design phase includes things like a water feature, seating area, and fencing.

2. Incorporate Pavers

Incorporating pavers to create pathways and borders for small yard landscaping will blend in with the surrounding environment. Walkways add depth and can make the area appear more expansive.

Pavers come in a wide array of sizes, colors, and patterns. For landscaping, in a small backyard, utilize smaller pavers to create the illusion of a longer or broader surface.

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3. Create a Tiered Garden

Backyards are a perfect space for colorful flowers and nice shrubbery. Instead of planting flowers, attach decorative planters to the fencing planks and fill them with colorful annuals. To avoid making your backyard feel clustered, install horizontal fencing boards.

Attaching planters to fencing is also a good idea if you want to add a vegetable garden to your backyard design.

Try to minimize scrubs by utilizing them as a backdrop in the yard’s corners instead of a border. Allow the plants to grow as high as the fencing to add contrast to the yard. It can also serve as a backdrop for a water feature.

4. Use Outdoor Lighting

Lighting can add ambiance to a small backyard landscaping. Use solar lights to line pathways. Hang stringed globe lights over seating areas.

Illuminate your yard and add lighting with a fire pit for cool nights. You can build a fire pit using the same pavers as your walkway. To maximize space, purchase a portable fire pit that can get stored away when not in use.

5. Utilize Side Yards

If you’re wondering how to landscape a small yard by using side yards in your design, you’re thinking smart. It’s easy to incorporate side yards by creating sections in your landscaping ideas.

On one side, create a rose garden along a pathway. On the other side, incorporate space for your grill and outdoor dining area.

Landscaping a Small Backyard Isn’t Impossible

We hope these tips for landscaping a small backyard have inspired you. Remember, anything is possible using the right concepts.

If you’re looking for more home design ideas, explore our blog!

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