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A Guide to Buy Concrete Coatings

In industrial environments, the concrete floors are exposed to thermal, mechanical, and chemical stresses caused by friction, impact, abrasion, very low and high temperatures, and various substances like salt solutions, Alkalis, and Acids.

Since untreated concrete is brittle and prone to damage from wear and tear, chemicals, moisture, and other factors, it is critical to find a way to prolong the service life of concrete structures.

image - A Guide to Buy Concrete Coatings
A Guide to Buy Concrete Coatings

When you buy concrete coatings from Contreat AU, you can minimize and eliminate the possibility of harm to concrete floors by applying special aggregates and additives to the concrete mix, or by using proper concrete coating systems to protect structures from damaging factors.

Here we will focus on the things to be considered when selecting a coating system for the concrete floor.

As the process of selection is complicated, overwhelming, and confusing, it has been divided into a few steps practical guide.

1. Consider the Condition of the Concrete Slab

Checking the present condition of the slab before selecting a coating system is critical.

Because the methods and materials used to make repairs and prepare the surface for installation of the coating system will have some bearing on coating selection.

2. Anticipate Exposure Conditions

Knowing the operating conditions expected will help to select a concrete coating system that has the essential chemical and physical properties to optimally perform under certain conditions.

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3. Check Performance

Knowing how the performance varies according to the kinds of coating will help to select the appropriate product.

Epoxy coatings are characterized by high-level adhesion, chemical resistance, and mechanical properties; Urethane formulations have high gloss retention and good impact, stain and chemical resistance, abrasion; epoxy urethane hybrids are available with excellent thermal and mechanical resistance.

The performance in service is also affected by the thickness of the film.

4. Find Out the Durability

Since no concrete coating method can last indefinitely, it is essential to verify the method’s actual service life before paying for it.

A concrete coating system’s expected life expectancy can be extended with proper maintenance.

5. Consider Location

Your product choice depends completely on the location where it is to be installed.

If you want to install the coating in a warehouse, the product will be different from that intended to redesign the floor of an office or retail space.

6. Perform Cost-benefit Analysis

Another factor to think about is cost-effectiveness. While a low-cost product can appear to be the best option, more costly systems ensure high-quality, long-lasting performance, proving that they are more cost-effective.

7. Think About Aesthetics

The concrete coating system’s aim is to not only protect the surface from corrosion but also to make the workplace appear more professional and well-kept.

You can make sure that the product you chose blends in with the rest of the room’s decor.

Compliance with color-coding guidelines can ensure a healthy workplace when selecting concrete coatings for an industrial setting.


Contact the experts to learn more about selecting the best concrete coating products for your company.

The experts will be able to provide individualized product and design feedback for your project because they have extensive expertise and experience installing a variety of concrete coating systems.

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